Russian Export Center to cooperate with Baiterek Holding

Russian Export Center to cooperate with Baiterek Holding

Russian Export Center (REC) shows interest in implementing projects in cooperation with Baiterek Holding. This was announced by Veronika Nikishina, REC General Director, at a meeting with Adil Mukhamedzhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Baiterek Holding.

Veronika Nikishina told her colleague about her company's activities and announced the perspectives of future cooperation.

First of all, we are interested in the projects that Baiterek Holding is implementing. We understand how responsible and diverse your work is. We could help you find bona fide product suppliers that are needed to implement your projects. It is possible to put forward an algorithm for cooperation, organize deliveries without intermediaries, and minimize possible costs. Secondly, we can provide various types of financing, if necessary for the implementation of projects, – said Veronika Nikishina.


Adil Mukhamedzhanov stated that the Holding’s subsidiaries establish mutually beneficial relations with international financial organizations, banks, investment funds, and international companies.

Baiterek Holding is the main government financial institution; hence all large industrial projects are financed with our participation. For example, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, the Holding’s subsidiary, has become the leader of long-term crediting to non-resource sectors of the economy, providing every second tenge in this market. We have several large projects in the pipeline, we are currently studying them. If there is Russian content, it will be very interesting for us to use your products. In addition, the activities of our subsidiary, KazakhExport, are similar to yours. Our company is supported by the Government, and its insurance is backed by a state guarantee, – said Adil Mukhamedzhanov.


Also, Adil Mukhamedzhanov invited Russian colleagues to cooperate on developing syndicated financing. Baiterek Holding and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan have already chosen potential projects that may need syndicated loans.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed to develop a special program enabling Russian exporters to localize production in Kazakhstan. It is proposed to create industries oriented both to Kazakhstan’s domestic market and foreign markets.

The meeting was also attended by the Russian delegation represented by Azer Talybov (Chairman of the Management Board of Roseximbank), Vladimir Belousov (Export Director of Mechanical Engineering Department of REC), Oleg Pechenkin (the Head of REC in Kazakhstan). From the Holding’s side, the meeting was attended by Asset Tazhikenov (Director of the Project Financing and Investor Relations Department) and Kuanysh Mukazhanov (Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of KazakhExport JSC, the Holding’s subsidiary).

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