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Baiterek team is willing to cooperate with ambitious personalities striving to achieve tasks that are strategically important for the Holding jointly with the participants of the whole team


Eligible Candidate Profile

We appreciate our employees and make all the efforts to develop internal resources; therefore, announcements of the search for external candidates are posted in case of internal candidates unavailability, including from the Unified Personnel Reserve. Among external candidates, we are looking for those whose life position, views and principles are consistent with the corporate culture of Baiterek Holding. You are advised to get introduced to the Holding's Code of Business Conduct by following the link Code of business ethics.pdf for preliminary determination of compliance

We are also seeking for candidates with the following developed personal and business competencies:

  • Communication and leadership
  • Analytical thinking and decision making
  • Impact on workflows
  • Organization of workflow
  • Ability to change
  • Teamwork commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Self-development

as well as those possessing knowledge and skills in handling the following regulatory documents:

  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Joint Stock Companies”;
  • Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Anticorruption”

In addition to the above, depending on the department you are submitting your CV to, you will be examined for the knowledge of regulatory legal documents and the basics of some theoretical subjects. You can learn more about the matrix of test directions - download the file (17.31 Kb).

Moreover, you will be tested for logic. You can explore the demo version of test questions using the link - download demo questions (16.39 Kb).

Current openings at Baiterek

Jobs at the Holding

If, having studied the description of the portrait of the ideal candidate for work in the Holding, you want to become part of the Baiterek Holding team, we recommend that you subscribe to the @JobsatBaiterek Telegram channel to receive notifications of vacancies of the Holding and its subsidiaries. Vacancy announcements are also published on the Holding's website.

Job List

How does the skills and knowledge assessment for a vacant position processed?

  1. CV Evaluation

    5 days after the vacancy announcement posted on the website, the Holding will conduct a preliminary assessment of candidates in accordance with the data specified in the CV.

  2. Evaluation Through Testing

    If you have passed the CV evaluation stage, you will be invited for testing to assess professional knowledge (regulatory acts and laws and the fundamentals of industry-based subjects), logic and quantitative analysis, as well as interviews on competencies with representatives of the HR team.

  3. Meeting with the Future Supervisor

    In case of a positive result based on the testing and interviews on competencies, you will be invited to meet with the direct and/or supervising managers of the structural unit for which the competition is being held.

    Following this meeting, the decision on further collaboration with you will be taken in respect of your application.

    The review status is shown in your application account on the platform.

Commitment to the teamwork among the professionals of Baiterek Holding includes:

  • Complex in structure and interesting assignments that meet the requirements of ambitious professionals in their fields.
  • Innovational projects aimed at increasing the level of economic growth in the region;
  • Highly competitive environment of professionals in their activities;
  • Continuous training and development of your professional and personal potential;
  • Highly professional managing team who will become your supervisors and mentors;
  • Regular meetings with colleagues in the formats such as business breakfasts, intellectual games, round tables, centers of competences, and many more;
  • Finally, a fair and transparent salary and bonus structure.

Answers to many questions can also be obtained using our bot Telegram @JobsatBaiterek_bot. If you still have questions about the selection and selection of personnel in the Baiterek holding, call + 7 (7172) 91-91-96.


Students and graduates

Baiterek Holding cooperates with the leading universities of Kazakhstan and near and far abroad to obtain the necessary best practices and to test theoretical knowledge. We are offering students the following:

  • Involvement in large, complex government-scale projects
  • Professional valuable practical skills
  • Development of personal qualities
  • Collaboration with a highly professional team
  • Encouragement of creative approach to finding solutions to non-standard challenges.

You can submit your application for on-job training/internship in the Holding here:

Schedule of practical training in Baiterek Holding»


Employment Statistics

  • 120Employees in Holding
  • more than 80%Aggregate employee engagement rate for 2020
  • more than 20% of the total number Fellowship holders of "Bolashak" international program
  • 37 years Average employee age
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