Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC

The company provides concessional financing to agribusinesses by direct crediting. It also finances and co-finances small and medium-sized businesses through credit partnerships, microfinance organizations, regional investment centers, second-tier banks and leasing companies. The company has 17 branches located in all regions of Kazakhstan.

The company's mission statement:

To ensure sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan by creating an affordable and effective financing system involving private financial institutions and increasing the competencies of agribusinesses.


  1. To provide financial services to more agribusinesses.
    • To promote technological modernization in priority sectors of the economy and to increase labor productivity in the agro-industrial complex.
  2. To increase institutional maturity of financial institutions and agribusinesses.
    • To raise awareness and level of competence of agribusinesses.
  3. To improve the Corporation’s efficiency.
    • To ensure its financial stability.
    • To improve the operating system.
    • To improve quality and transparency of corporate governance.

In December 2021, the Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC, as part of the merger with the Agricultural Financial Support Fund JSC, took over the functions of lending to microbusiness, an insurance operator in the agro-industrial complex, a rural mortgage agent within the framework of the project “With a Diploma to the Village!”

KazAgroFinance JSC

To achieve its statutory objectives, the company carries out the following activities:

  1. leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment;
  2. issuing credits to agribusinesses.
The company has 16 branches located in all regions of Kazakhstan.

The company's mission statement:

To supply Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex with technical equipment by providing high-quality and competitive leasing services.


  1. To improve technical equipment and export potential in agriculture
    • To increase investment in agricultural machinery and equipment leasing
    • To help develop export potential and labor productivity in the agro-industrial complex
  2. To improve and develop leasing services
    • To raise the quality and availability of leasing services
    • To develop product lines by introducing new directions of financing
    • To automate business processes

Baiterek Holding financed the agro-industrial complex for 393 billion tenge

Over the first 10 months of this year, Baiterek Holding funded the agro-industrial complex with 393 billion tenge

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