Ombudsman is a person appointed by the Holding Board of Directors, who is charged to address the appeals of the Holding employees, labor dispute and conflict participants, provide consultations and assist them to develop a mutually acceptable, constructive and realizable solution, taking into account compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (including confidentiality compliance if necessary), assisting in resolving problematic social and labor issues, as well as in observing the principles of business ethics by the Holding employees.

The main functions of the Ombudsman are the following:

  • collection of information related to non-compliance with the Code of Business Conduct;
  • advising employees who address their issues to the Ombudsman, participants of labor disputes;
  • consideration of appeals of the Holding’s employees related to action (inaction) of employees and decisions (acts) of the Holding’s officials taken;
  • rendering assistance to the Holding's employees in the settlement of conflicts (disputes) at an early stage prior to their transfer to the judicial authorities, non-judicial settlements;
  • providing recommendations to the Holding’s officials on resolving conflicts (disputes) related to the received appeals;
  • development of recommendations for resolving and preventing conflicts (disputes) of a systemic nature;
  • holding required sessions, meetings, consultations, discussions with the Holding’s employees, representatives of government authorities and organizations, as well as hearing of the Holding’s employees related to the appeals received.

On the facts of violations of labor legislation by any employee and official of "Baiterek" NMH" JSC, the internal procedures and provisions of the "Baiterek" NMH" JSC Code of Business Ethics, as well as on facts and situations that may lead to corporate conflict and conflict of interests, please contact the Ombudsman of "Baiterek" NMH" JSC by phone  +7 (7172) 907-817, as well as by e-mail: or by mail: 0105, Republic of Kazakhstan, Z05Т3Е2, city of Nur -Sultan, Yesil district, 55A Mangilik Ave.

Statute on the Ombudsman of Baiterek NMH JSC

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