Baiterek strives to help Kazakhstan people thrive

Baiterek's positive impact on Kazakhstan

(information as of 01.01.2024)

  • 2362 bln tenge

    Deposits of the Housing Construction Savings Bank «Otbasy Bank» (Otbasy bank)

  • 1067 bln

    Soft loans issued to 64 778 families

  • 1097.6 bln

    Local executive authorities bonds borrowed

  • 1023.9 bln

    Shared construction guaranteed

  • 750 bln

    Bonds of local executive bodies purchased as part of the implementation of the Employment Roadmap

  • 160.4 bln

    Signed contracts for subsidizing loans to private developers

Providing affordable housing and creating jobs

Baiterek's subsidiaries are focussed on stimulating the economy to increase jobs, provide affordable housing and to stimulate priority sectors which will increase the quality of life of the population.

Baiterek's strategy is tied closely to the country's 2030 vision. Its subsidiaries operate responsibly to return profits to investors and shareholders while moving the country forward.

Mortgage registration online for Otbasy Bank customers has become 50% cheaper

Otbasy Bank (a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding) has prepared several additional bonuses for its customers who preferred to purchase housing using an online mortgage. In addition to saving time and ease of maintenance, users of the remote channel will now pay less in commissions.

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