Baiterek Holding's approach to sustainable development

As a key governmental financial institution, Baiterek Holding recognizes its impact on Kazakhstan’s economy, environment, and society. It strives to ensure long-term sustainable development and maintain a balance of stakeholders’ interests.

The Holding’s sustainable development is a set of principles and obligations that the Holding is guided by, namely:

  • stakeholder engagement management;

  • national economics, social and environmental impact assessment and management.

The Holding consolidates its economic, environmental, and social goals to ensure long-term sustainable development.

The Holding’s Sustainable Development Policy

The Holding’s Human Rights Policy

Economic component Environmental component Social component
  • maintaining the solvency of the Holding and its subsidiaries;
  • ensuring the interests of shareholders and investors;
  • increasing the efficiency of the work process;
  • increasing investment in the development of up-to-date technologies;
  • increasing labor productivity;
  • creating new jobs;
  • increasing the export of non-resource sectors;
  • ensuring the growth of the manufacturing industry.
  • minimizing the impact on biological and physical natural systems;
  • reasonable use of scarce resources;
  • use of environmentally friendly, energy and material saving technologies.
  • ensuring healthy competition and equal employment opportunities;
  • fair remuneration and respect for workers' rights;
  • ensuring labor safety and preserving the health of employees;
  • training and professional development of employees;
  • implementation of internal and external social programs.

The Holding approved the Stakeholders Map, developed in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code and the Holding's Sustainable Development Policy, which allows to improve the business reputation of the business, the company's capitalization, to establish effective and balanced relations with all stakeholders.

Building interaction with stakeholders, the Holding is guided by the following basic principles:

  • showing respect for the interests of all parties;
  • providing information about the Holding’s activities to the target audience;
  • ensuring objectivity, reliability, independence, and a high level of information transparency in the implementation of government programs, individual internal procedures (procurement, personnel selection, provision of financial and non-financial services), and the use of financial resources;
  • ensuring open and productive cooperation with all stakeholders;
  • fulfilling obligations to all interested parties;
  • receiving regular feedback from stakeholders.

The Holding adheres to the principles of the UN Global Compact:

  1. Principles of human rights protection:
    • the Holding supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;
    • the Holding guarantees that it is not complicit in human rights violations.
  2. Principles of the employment relationship:
    • the Holding supports and recognizes the right to collective bargaining;
    • the Holding contributes to the elimination of forced and compulsory labor and discrimination in employment and occupation
  3. Principles of environmental protection:
    • The Holding supports a cautious approach to solving environmental problems;
    • The Holding takes initiatives to increase environmental responsibility;
    • The Holding encourages the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies.
  4. Anti-corruption principles:
    • The Holding declares intolerance to all forms of corruption and other illegal actions, including extortion and bribery.
The Holding’s sustainable development management is an integral part of the Holding’s general management system..

The Holding’s Board of Directors exercises strategic management and control over the implementation of the sustainable development strategy. The Strategic Planning Committee under the Holding’s Board of Directors annually considers the issues of sustainable development.

The Holding’s Management Board approves the action plan for sustainable development. The Strategy and Corporate Development Committee under the Holding's Management Board coordinates activities in the field of sustainable development.

The Holding’s structural divisions take measures to achieve efficiency in sustainable development.

The Holding’s structural divisions implement measures in the field of sustainable development, ensuring the achievement of efficiency in this sphere. In accordance with the approved Holding’s action plan for the sustainable development for 2022-2023, a number of measures have been implemented both within the framework of the Holding's project activities and within the framework of administrative and economic activities, including:

1. The Holding's contribution to the achievement of the UN SDGs has been determined, which is placed in the relevant subsection "UN Sustainable Development Goals".

2. As part of the implementation of environmental and social policy provisions, a report has been prepared on the implementation of ESG principles in the investment activities of the Holding and its subsidiaries.

3. The analysis of the application of the principles of sustainable development in the implementation of projects in the field of agriculture.

4. The Holding’s employees were trained on the topic "Green Office".

5. A number of campaigning activities have been carried out: an eco-calendar has been developed, an information board on resource conservation has been posted, a clean-up day has been organized.

In addition, the Holding joined the national ESG Club, and also signed the UN Women's Empowerment Principles.

In 2023, the Holding will implement the following activities:

1. Updating the Holding's policy in the field of sustainable development.

2. Updating of a number of personnel internal documents for compliance with the social aspects of sustainable development.

3. Updating the base of "green" projects in the distribution by sector and the environmental consequences of their implementation.

4. Conducting a competence center with subsidiaries for the development of "green" financing.

5. Consider the possibility of purchasing office supplies made of environmentally friendly materials.

Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Baiterek NMH JSC for 2022

Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Baiterek NMH JSC for 2021

Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Development of Baiterek NMH JSC for 2020

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