Baiterek Holding offers a wide range of government support instruments that can be used by small, medium-sized and large businesses and export-oriented enterprises. Supporting entrepreneurial activity is our top priority. Successful businesses create a sustainable economy and jobs for the people of Kazakhstan.

Areas of activity
of the holding
  • Advanced agriculture

    Advanced agriculture forms the basis for a country’s sustainable economy. Baiterek Holding supports enterprises of the agro-industrial complex – from large agricultural companies to family farms. Issuing direct credits, financing on preferential terms, guaranteeing of loans, co-financing – each enterprise will find the most suitable form of cooperation for its development.

  • Financing large businesses

    The subsidiaries of the Holding finance large projects, contributing to the sustainable development of Kazakhstan, thereby providing low interest rates for long-term lending.

  • Export support

    KazakhExport provides governmental support for Kazakhstani exporters of processed goods and services through financial and insurance tools. These offer cover for political and commercial risks, and up to 100% of the export credit amount.

  • Small and medium business development

    Subsidiaries Holding "Baiterek" consistently provide assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises on the market. The mission of the Holding is related to the prosperity and development of Kazakhstan; Supporting business growth is a key focus of Baiterek.

Baiterek Holding: affordable loans, business support and agribusiness development

Nurbolat Aidapkelov, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "NUH "Baiterek", gave an interview on the results of the financing of the agro-industrial complex for the first half of 2023.

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