“Kazkahstan Housing Company” (before January 2021 - ”Kazakhstan Mortgage Company” MO” JSC) is the single financial operator of “Nurly zher” State Housing Construction Program for financing of credit housing construction through the mechanism of government securities repurchase of local executive bodies, and also implements its own investment projects in the construction industry.

Retirement of securities of local executive bodies

In order to increase the supply of affordable housing for the depositors of «Housing Construction Savings Bank «Otbasy Bank» JSC, including standing in line at akimats, ”Kazakhstan Housing Company” JSC provides financing for the construction of credit housing by repurchasing of government securities of local executive bodies.

  • Repayment term - 2 years;
  • Coupon interest - 0.35% (payment 2 times a year).
  • By funds received from the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2020 - 4.25%


Project financing of housing investment projects

JSC "Kazakhstan Housing Company" carries out project financing of housing investment projects by attracting funds from international financial organizations on the principles of public-private partnership, in accordance with the requirements of an international financial organization.

 In 2021, JSC "Kazakhstan Housing Company" signed an agreement with CG Land LLP to finance the urban development investment project G4 City in the Almaty region for a total amount of 31.1 billion tenge.

Financing of socially-oriented investment projects

JSC "Kazakhstan Housing Company" also provides financing for the implementation of socially-oriented investment projects through the mechanisms of redemption of government securities of local executive bodies and project financing.

Social-oriented projects include projects related to the construction of educational facilities, social and cultural life, healthcare, other urban facilities, health and recreation facilities, as well as other social infrastructure facilities in cities

Funding for socially oriented projects are carried out subject to guaranteed purchase of real estate objects from the Company's balance sheet, including on the principles of public-private partnership.

Shared housing construction guarantee

JSC "Kazakhstan Housing Company" (until November 2020, JSC "Housing Guarantee Fund") provides a guarantee for the completion of the construction of a residential building (residential building) in the event of a guarantee event. The activities of the Housing Guarantee Fund JSC, as well as other participants in shared construction, are stipulated in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 7, 2016 “On shared participation in housing construction”.

JSC "Kazakhstan Housing Company" actively interacts with developers and local executive bodies to implement the guarantee mechanism.

Kazakhstan Housing Company JSC, within the framework of guaranteeing housing construction, has introduced a mechanism for guaranteeing loans to equity holders for the purchase of housing where there is a guarantee.

This mechanism is attractive for people who do not have additional collateral to obtain a loan to purchase a share in a house (in this case, the subject of collateral will be an agreement on shared participation in housing construction).

By the decision of the Sole Shareholder, the subsidiary organization of the Baiterek holding, the Housing Guarantee Fund JSC, ceased its activities by merging with the Kazakhstan Housing Company JSC.

State of the Nation Address by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

On September 1, 2021, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev delivered the State of the Nation Address to the people of Kazakhstan titled “The unity of the people and systemic reforms are a solid foundation for the country's prosperity” during a joint meeting of the chambers of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

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