FULL INSTRUCTIONS. Kazakhstanis can apply for the use of pension savings for medical treatment

FULL INSTRUCTIONS. Kazakhstanis can apply for the use of pension savings for medical treatment

Starting February 25, 2021 “Otbasy Bank” JSC, the subsidiary of the Baiterek Holding, is accepting applications for the withdrawal of eligible amounts of pension savings to use for medical purposes. One can submit an application on www.enpf-otbasy.kz.

To withdraw pension savings for the purpose of receiving medical care, an applicant needs to open a special account in the “HCSB24” app, log in to www.enpf-otbasy.kz using an electronic digital signature (EDS), select the “medical treatment” option and sign the application with EDS.

The Unified Accumulative Pension Fund (UAPF) will transfer the eligible amount of savings to the applicant’s account within 5 working days. After the money is transferred, the applicant goes to a medical specialist for diagnostics. After receiving a medical report, the applicant goes to a hospital at the place of residence and applies for the report of the medical commission. This application must contain a copy of an identity document. The medical commission makes a decision on whether the applicant should receive medical treatment within 5 working days from the date the application was submitted. A secretary of the commission issues a report within 2 working days.

After receiving a positive answer, the applicant chooses the medical organization where he wants to undergo treatment and concludes an agreement with it. The agreement must contain information about the medical organization's license, the type of medical services, the diagnosis from the report of the medical commission, and the medical organization’s bank account details. Then the applicant uploads the report and the agreement to the website. Otbasy Bank checks the documents and transfers money from the applicant's account to the medical organization’s account within 5 working days.

One needs the following documents to withdraw pension savings to pay for medical care:

1) a report of a medical commission;

2) a medical service agreement concluded between a medical organization and an applicant (a notarized translation is needed if an agreement is written in a foreign language), and (or) an agreement for the purchase of medication concluded between a seller and a buyer.

If an applicant fails to provide documents, the money will be returned to the UAPF within 45 (forty-five) working days from the day the money was transferred to the applicant’s account.

The following medical services are eligible to be paid for with the withdrawn pension savings:

1. Treatment of orphan (rare) diseases listed by the authorized body in the field of healthcare in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 177 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 7, 2020 “On people's health and the health care system”. Purchase of medicines and diagnostic studies to determine the treatment tactics can also be funded with the pension savings;

2. Dental services provided in medical organizations located in the Republic of Kazakhstan (dental prosthetics, implantation);

3. Reconstructive and restorative procedures (plastic surgeries) for the purpose of correcting postoperative scars and congenital defects, also after a mastectomy;

4. Radionuclide and radioiodine therapy;

5. Radiosurgery (Gamma Knife, CyberKnife);

6. Proton therapy;

7. Ophthalmic services (corneal collagen crosslinking, laser vision correction).

Pension savings are transferred by an authorized body from the applicant's account to the recipient's account within 5 working days.

An applicant can use the pension savings of a spouse and (or) close relatives. In this case, the applicant’s relative will see a window asking to accept the assigned funds in his/her personal account. The relative needs to press the “Agree” button and sign an agreement using an EDS. One should indicate the amount of pension savings above the sufficiency threshold, which is planned to be used together with the assigned funds. If the applicant does not have his own pension savings, and he/she plans to use only the assigned funds, then this column should remain empty. Then the applicant needs to form two applications: for the withdrawal of the eligible amount of savings and withholding the individual income tax. Please, note that the IIT will not be debited from the transferred funds for the second time.

Lump-sum pension payments can be used an unlimited number of times and for any purpose. The money will be transferred by a non-cash transaction. If the available amount of savings is not enough to fully pay for the treatment, the applicant may use his/her own money.

Call 300 for additional information.

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