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Baiterek Holding approves 2023 annual financial statements


Development Bank of Kazakhstan became a member of ADFIAP

Development Bank of Kazakhstan became a member of ADFIAP
Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, the sole shareholder of which is NMH Baiterek JSC, took part in the 46th Annual Meeting of the Association of Development Financial Institutions of the Asia-Pacific Region (ADFIAP), where it officially received the status of a member of this organization.

ADFIAP is a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council. Its activities are aimed at promoting sustainable economic, environmental, social development and growth in the region. It includes about 90 financial institutions from 38 countries in Asia and Oceania.

This year one of the central themes of the event was sustainable infrastructure. On the sidelines of the meeting, the bank's delegation headed by Chairman of the Board Nurlan Baibazarov held a number of meetings with representatives of international development institutions. Issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed with the leaders of the Eurasian Development Bank, the African Finance Corporation, the Oman Development Bank and other organizations, as well as with the ADFIAP secretariat.

DBK said that financing projects in the field of sustainable infrastructure takes 23% of the total loan portfolio. Among the supported projects, for example, the expansion of the Aktau Commercial Seaport, gasification of settlements in the regions of the country, as well as the construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline.

The Bank also supports the renewable energy sector, where the volume of financed projects by May of this year was approximately $400 million. The total installed capacity of these projects reaches 560 MW, which corresponds to a quarter of the capacity of all renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan in the first quarter of 2023.

At the same time, the bank continues to support this sector, as well as the development of infrastructure in general, actively cooperating with domestic and foreign investors to increase the sustainability of the energy and transport infrastructure of Kazakhstan.

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