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"Baiterek" Holding ensures housing affordability in Kazakhstan

"Baiterek" Holding ensures housing affordability in Kazakhstan

Today, at the press conference, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of "Baiterek" NMH Anuar Omarkhodzhaev talked about the results of the Holding's activities in 2019 on the implementation of the "Nurly Zher" state program at the Central Presidential Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan at a press conference.


So, in the direction of building credit housing through the mechanism of redemption of akimat bonds, tenge 108.8 billion of securities were purchased. At the expense of these funds, akimats leased 10.6 thousand loan apartments at fixed prices for depositors of Housing Construction Savings Bank (a subsidiary of the Holding) and participants in the 7-20-25 program. This year it is planned to fund akimats for 101.2 billion tenge, which is about 10.4 thousand apartments.


According to the results of 2019, the Housing Construction Savings Bank issued 50.3 thousand soft loans to the population of 527 billion tenge in the direction of the housing construction savings system, of which 8.6 thousand loans to 67 billion tenge were issued under the Nurly Zher state program. These loans were issued to participants in the state program at 5% per annum with an initial payment of 20%. As of today, the Zhilstroysberbank system has 1.6 million contracts with accumulations in excess of 806 mln. tenge. The Bank takes the first place in long-term deposits of the population in tenge.


In addition, since July last year, the “Bakiti Otbasi” program of preferential mortgage lending for low-income families has been implemented at 2% per annum for up to 20 years. 50 billion tenge was allocated from the republican budget. Housing Construction Savings Bank received 5.2 thousand applications totaling 51.7 billion tenge, of which 5 thousand applications for 50 billion tenge were approved (4,223 loans worth 42.7 billion tenge were issued). Starting this year, according to the instructions of the Head of State, the annual issuance plan is 10 thousand loans.


In the direction of shared housing construction. The Housing Construction Guarantee Fund (a subsidiary of the Holding) approved a total of 88.8 billion tenge with a plan of 71.4 billion tenge. This allowed to protect the deposits of the population for the purchase of 6 thousand apartments in the commercial market. This year it is planned to issue guarantees for the completion of construction in the amount of over 90 billion tenge.


In the direction of subsidizing loans to private developers, the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund has signed 47 projects totaling 49.6 billion tenge to subsidize. The cost of commercial loans for construction companies was reduced by an average of 50%. At the same time, half of the constructed housing is sold to investors of Housing Construction Savings Bank, participants of the 7-20-25 program and commercial banks at fixed prices.


Also, according to the order of the Head of State, work is underway to optimize the housing block of the Baiterek holding by combining existing operators - Baiterek development, the Kazakhstan mortgage company, the Housing Construction Guarantee Fund and transferring the function of subsidizing loans to developers to the Single Operator from the Damu Fund. Until July 1 of this year, the relevant amendments to the legislation will be introduced. Thus, the number of existing five operators will be reduced to two - the Holding’s housing block will stimulate demand from working citizens through loans from Zhilstroysberbank and provide a proposal for housing construction through the functions of the Single Operator.




Anuar Omarkhodzhaev spoke about the application of new methods of construction, modern materials and technologies, fundamentally different approaches in planning mass development.


- In this regard, we are developing the concept of "Marketplace of building materials", which on its platform will directly connect customers and suppliers without intermediaries. Also, work is underway to introduce a system of long-term ofteik-contracts at fixed prices, which will ensure the workload of house-building plants, manufacturers of building materials and import substitution through the localization of domestic production, said Anuar Omarkhodzhaev.


These measures will reduce the cost of housing for the population by an average of 10%.




In addition, the Altai Kuzdibaev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of "Baiterek" Development JSC, spoke at a press conference and showed the work of a special Situation Center developed as part of the Nurly Zher state program. Thanks to this system, it is possible to remotely monitor all facilities under construction using modern monitoring technology. The situation center also allows you to conduct online monitoring of the development of allocated funds and housing sales, to predict the date of commissioning of the facility with possible deviations, and so on.

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