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Streamlined leasing access: KazAgroFinance introduces mobile app for agricultural equipment leasing

Streamlined leasing access: KazAgroFinance introduces mobile app for agricultural equipment leasing

KazAgroFinance has launched a mobile application enabling farmers to apply for agricultural equipment leases. According to the company's press service, the development of this app spanned four months.

Featuring an intuitive interface, the application streamlines the process of submitting leasing requests, encompassing details such as desired machinery, leasing duration, financial aspects, and more.

Moreover, the app facilitates the upload of requisite documents, expediting the review process and enhancing approval odds. Applications submitted via the mobile platform undergo review within three days. The app is integrated with key databases, including Adata, the First Credit Bureau, the State Credit Bureau, and Taldau.

All application and document data are securely stored on KazAgroFinance's servers, fortified by state-of-the-art information security systems.

Additionally, users can track their application status in real-time.

This mobile application marks a pivotal advancement in securing agricultural machinery leases, significantly streamlining and expediting the acquisition process for agricultural enterprises.

Mars Alish, Deputy Chairman of the Board at KazAgroFinance, commented, 'Our objective was to broaden access to agricultural machinery procurement services. The app boasts a clear interface and robust data protection. It is especially convenient for farmers as they can utilize the app from their phones, eliminating the need for city visits. Currently, equipment registration under the Express Leasing program is available, with additional programs forthcoming.'

Express Leasing program terms:

Interest rate – 6% (including subsidies); advance – starting from 0%; term – up to 10 years; no collateral required

Part of the Baiterek National Managing Holding, KazAgroFinance stands as the largest financial institution offering leasing services to agricultural producers for equipment acquisition. With over 24 years of operation, the company has played a pivotal role in bolstering technical infrastructure within the country's agricultural sector.

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