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Kazakhstani products are available on stands in Chinese supermarkets

Kazakhstani products are available on stands in Chinese supermarkets
The national export support company "KazakhExport" and the international logistics company "Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co." have signed a memorandum of understanding. This step was taken within the framework of Kazakhstan's trade and economic mission in the city of Xi'an (PRC).

The parties agreed to jointly organize activities aimed at promoting Kazakhstani products to the Chinese market. The memorandum is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the collaborative work between Kazakhstan and China companies, developing solid commercial ties, and increasing the volume of non-resource exports of Kazakhstani products to China. This was stated by Sergey Salmanov, the regional director of KazakhExport in Xi'an.

According to the memorandum, "Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co." will import Kazakhstani products and install stands specially designed in the Kazakh national style at trading sections in Hubei Province and Chinese marketplaces. Additionally, the company provides support for promoting Kazakhstani goods and services in the international market.

KazakhExport also facilitates communication with domestic producers and conducts targeted searches for importers interested in Kazakhstani products. Furthermore, the national company provides support for Kazakhstani exporters in terms of storage and financing opportunities.

The parties expressed confidence in the high demand for Kazakhstani products among local consumers. Currently, exports of Kazakhstani products, including dairy, meat, confectionery, pasta, and other goods, are being successfully carried out to the PRC.

It should be noted that the total amount of export contracts implemented with the insurance support of KazakhExport since the beginning of 2023 amounted to 53 billion tenge. Seventeen contracts have been concluded with eleven importers for the supply of flour and sunflower kernel to China.

Starting from 2019, the support provided by KazakhExport to domestic producers for exporting to China has exceeded 478 million tenge. KazakhExport assists Kazakhstani exporters in promoting and delivering products such as dairy, flour, honey, confectionery, large livestock, etc., to the international market.

"Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co." is a state-owned railway freight platform for international transit trains called "Han Xin Ou." The company operates modern wholesale stores, trade centers, supermarkets, and has a well-developed transportation and broad distribution network for import to China. The company receives subsidies from the Wuhan Government and is part of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

Please note that the cooperation between KazakhExport and Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co. was initially established in Wuhan in 2019 with the opening of the first Kazakhstani national-style section. However, due to the pandemic, the cooperation was temporarily suspended.

*KazakhExport JSC is a subsidiary of "Baiterek" National Management Holding JSC.

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