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Kanat Sharlapayev visits Agrarian Credit Corporation

Kanat Sharlapayev visits Agrarian Credit Corporation
Kanat Sharlapayev, who serves as the Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, recently visited the Agrarian Credit Corporation to become familiar with the financing process for agro-industrial complex projects. During his visit, the corporation's leadership provided detailed information on their financing plans for 2023, as well as the progress of the Ken Dala program which offers preferential financing for spring-field and harvesting works.
The corporation issues loans through a network of regional branches, while also funding credit partnerships, second-tier banks, microfinance organizations, and leasing companies. Kanat Sharlapayev also had the opportunity to learn about the work of the Department of Lending and the Digitalization Department.
– We need to digitalize the loan issuing process to allow residents of remote villages to apply for loans online. The corporation’s primary goal is to finish developing a website for online submission of applications for youth microcrediting, which was initiated by the President as part of the National Project for Entrepreneurship for 2021-2025, – said Kanat Sharlapayev.
Almat Ashirbekov, Chairman of the Board of the Agrarian Credit Corporation, explained that the corporation plans to allocate 330 billion tenge this year to finance projects for agricultural producers and rural entrepreneurs. The ACC also aims to increase financing for investment projects in the coming year and further automate credit processes.

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