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Daniyar Kenbaev: Professional skills must be constantly honed

Daniyar Kenbaev: Professional skills must be constantly honed

Baiterek Holding and its subsidiaries are, first of all, a team of professionals. It is thanks to the professional team that government programs are successfully implemented, business is supported, domestic exports are increased, and jobs are created. As a result, the country's budget is replenished with tax revenues, and Kazakhstanis are provided with affordable housing. The strongest specialists become reservists of the Unified Personnel Reserve for subsequent career growth.

One of them is Daniyar Kenbaev, Director of the Risk Management Department of the Holding. He is married and has a son. Interested in economics, finance and risk management. In his free time, Daniyar goes in for outdoor sports, walks with his family, reads economic and sports analytics.

Daniyar Kenbaev is a reservist of the Holding's Unified Personnel Pool and on the eve of Independence Day was awarded a Letter of Appreciation from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan for his high professional qualities and personal contribution to the country's prosperity.

- Daniyar, please tell us when and how did you start working in the structure of the Baiterek holding? What was your first impression of our organization?

- I joined the team of the Baiterek holding in 2013. As a financier, it was very interesting for me to join the activities of the holding, since a variety of financial industries and directions are represented in its structure. These are loans, investments, leasing, guarantees, insurance and other instruments to support the economy.

I hope that over the course of many years of work, my colleagues in the Risk Management Department and I have made a significant contribution to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Holding and to maintaining its financial stability.

I believe that each employee in our Holding has a large and responsible field of activity, because Baiterek is a key state institution for the country's development, whose activities are aimed at the sustainable development of the economy of Kazakhstan.

- You passed a tough selection and were enrolled in the Holding's Unified Personnel Reserve. Tell me, what was the motivation for you to take up your career and professional growth?

- The single personnel reserve of the Baiterek holding opens up wide opportunities, allowing you to participate in the competition for a vacant position in the group of companies without additional selection procedures.

As for motivation, in my opinion, education is the main factor of progress both for one person and at the level of society as a whole. At the same time, by "education" I mean not only obtaining diplomas and certificates. Also, it is self-improvement, maintaining your skills, which allow you to effectively evaluate tasks here and now, and, accordingly, make the most optimal decisions, taking into account all the opportunities and risks. Guided by this position, of course, I try to monitor my professional growth. You need to constantly hone your skills.

- What principle do you adhere to in your work?

- I really like two capacious principles formulated in international ethical standards:

First, duty of care is rational decision-making and action in the best interests of the organization based on a comprehensive assessment of the information provided, in good faith and with official diligence;

Second, duty of loyalty - making decisions and acting in good faith in the interests of your organization, without considering personal gain.

I myself adhere to these principles in my work and I think that they are the key principles for the effectiveness of any organization.

- What would you like to change in the field in which you work?

- In my opinion, this is the development and application of science, including economic and technological areas. Science accumulates the accumulated successful and unsuccessful experience, formulates constructive hypotheses and conclusions, while identifying its shortcomings and limitations.

I think that widespread use of scientifically based approaches will contribute to the long-term improvement of state policy in the field of support and development of the economy.

- Thanks for the interview. We wish you continued success.

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