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Baiterek Holding engages in the 40th Berlin Eurasian Club meeting


Baiterek Holding strengthens cooperation with Italy in export and investment sectors

Baiterek Holding strengthens cooperation with Italy in export and investment sectors

During the official visit of the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, to the Italian Republic and the Vatican State, JSC "National Management Holding Baiterek" signed several documents aimed at developing mutual cooperation and joint support of export trade.

Memorandums of Understanding with the Italian Export Credit Agency (SACE) were signed by two subsidiaries of the Holding - JSC "KazakhExport Export Insurance Company" and JSC "Development Bank of Kazakhstan".

These documents are focused on increasing the volume and expanding the structure of Kazakhstan's non-raw material exports, insuring trade and commercial risks, and supporting initiatives and projects in sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and logistics, energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and the chemical industry.

Nurlan Baibazarov, Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, stated, "We strive to strengthen trade and economic collaboration between Italy and Kazakhstan. Our primary goal is to aid Italian companies in discovering opportunities in Central Asia. Concurrently, we aim to ease the entry and establishment of Kazakh companies in the Italian market."

At the meeting with SACE, the parties discussed potential collaborations and exchange of expertise and knowledge in supporting exporters, as well as the creation of export-oriented investment projects in Kazakhstan utilizing Italian capital, innovation, technology, and equipment.

For reference:

Baiterek National Management Holding is a key institution under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adhering to advanced standards of corporate governance. The Holding is dedicated to fulfilling the tasks of sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan through diversification, supporting innovations, developing exports, the agro-industrial complex, and providing housing for the population.

SACE SpA is an Italian Export Credit Agency involved in export credit and investment protection, as well as supporting companies and financial institutions in entering international markets by offering a range of financial and non-financial instruments.

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