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Baiterek Holding hosts meeting of Strategic Planning Committee

Baiterek Holding hosts meeting of Strategic Planning Committee
 On February 22, 2023, Baiterek Holding's Board of Directors convened a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee, led by board member Daniel A. Witt. The committee discussed the results of the Holding's activities for 2022, as outlined in a report presented by the Board.

 According to the report, Baiterek Holding achieved a net profit of 320 billion tenge and possessed assets worth 12,935 billion tenge in 2022. The Committee also reviewed the Holding's investment policy and found that it had provided 1,956 billion tenge in support to non-primary sectors of the economy, representing a 9.6% increase from the previous year. The supported projects had a high development index, with an average of 3.86.

 Baiterek Holding financed over 74 thousand private sector companies and organizations with 1,902.9 billion tenge, accounting for 97.3% of the total support amount. This support led to a volume of exports exceeding 1,279.9 billion tenge in 2022. The Holding also initiated four infrastructure projects in the energy, transport, and logistics sectors, with a financial support amount of approximately 14.6 billion tenge.

 Moreover, the Committee learned about Baiterek Holding's efforts to assess the level of trust and awareness of target groups about state programs in various sectors. The 2022 study showed a high level of awareness (85.3%) of the Holding's activities among the subjects of the agro-industrial complex, and a positive assessment (87.6%) of the measures taken to support this sector.

 During the meeting, the Committee reviewed the report on the Holding's activities for 2022, the results of a study on customer satisfaction related to financial support for the agro-industrial complex, and information on the Holding's international cooperation and adherence to investment policy requirements.



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