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Baiterek holding and Zhetysu region expand cooperation

Baiterek holding and Zhetysu region expand cooperation
During a working trip to the Zhetysu region, Kanat Sharlapaev, the Chairman of the Board of Baiterek NMH JSC, met with the Akim of the Zhetysu region, Beibit Isabaev.

The parties discussed issues of financial support for the agricultural sector, small and medium-sized businesses, development of the housing stock in the region and expansion of cooperation in general.

Kanat Sharlapaev informed that Baiterek NMH JSC includes 8 subsidiaries that work in 3 leading areas. This is mainly support for the development of entrepreneurship, the agro-industrial sector, as well as construction and housing for the population. Representatives of these subsidiaries, including the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, the Agrarian Credit Corporation, KazAgroFinance, the export insurance company KazakhExport, the Industrial Development Fund and Otbasy Bank, discussed in more detail in each direction.
In order to develop the region's economy, it was proposed to work out the issues of financing 25 promising projects in various sectors, including the production of poultry meat, meat and dairy products, processing fruits and vegetables, including the production of juices, jams, marmalade and others. Support is also required for projects to open dairy farms, greenhouses, trout farms, as well as processing gold ore. Among the most important ones: wool processing and yarn production, opening of a solid waste processing plant and wholesale distribution centers, and a number of others.

The head of the region noted that after the division of regions in Zhetysu, a step-by-step plan for socio-economic development was developed, taking into account the budget and investment opportunities. Expressing interest in expanding cooperation with the Baiterek Holding, Beibit Isabayev briefly dwelled on the priority areas and development potential of the region.
As Kanat Sharlapaev emphasized, the Holding is interested in financial support of the new region and constant interaction with the akimat. He also stressed that the Zhetysu region is a favorable region in all respects, which has many opportunities for the qualitative development of the economy.

As part of his visit to the Zhetysu region, the Chairman of the Board of the Holding visited the regional branches of subsidiaries, including Damu FRP JSC, Otbasy Bank JSC, Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC, KazAgroFinance JSC.
The Head of the Holding visited the regional branches of the subsidiaries. Kanat Sharlapaev discussed the progress in the development of financial support tools and programs for agricultural enterprises and SMEs, which are provided by branches.

As of January 1 of this year, 53,600 private businesses operate in the Zhetysu region, of which 35.7% are involved in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, 29.3% - in trade,
11.6% - in the service sector, 4.6% - in the manufacturing industry and 18.8% - in other sectors of the economy.

The branch of the Agrarian Credit Corporation in the Zhetysu region has been operating since 2007. The loan portfolio of the company is 27 billion tenge. Thanks to its efficient work, the branch serves more than 4 thousand farms in the Zhetysu region and provides loans through the Ken Dala, Agribusiness, Isker programs.

As part of his working trip, Kanat Sharlapayev visited a number of enterprises that received support through subsidiaries of Baiterek Holding. The first object visited by the Head of the holding was Kainar-AKB LLP. There was an acquaintance with the production processes and technologies of the Kainar-AKB company, and the prospects for cooperation and support for this domestic manufacturer were also discussed. "Kainar-AKB" is a domestic leader in the production batteries. In addition, the plant recycles used batteries, turning them into raw materials. The company has branches in the cities of Almaty and Astana, and its products are in demand in the markets of the CIS countries and abroad, including Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, China, UAE and Kazakhstan.
The next object of the visit was Taldykorgankabel LLP. The main goal of this project is to develop the production of high quality cable products and electrical appliances in the region.
Continuing his working trip, Kanat Sharlapaev visited JLC Sut LLP. The company "JLC Sut" is a leading manufacturer of dairy products in the Zhetysu region and the Almaty region. Every day, the JLC Sut LLP plant produces 70 tons of dairy products, and the monthly volume reaches 2000-2100 tons.

Kanat Sharlapaev showed particular interest in the production process and the quality of products manufactured by JLC Sut LLP. He expressed his gratitude to the company's team for their commitment to innovation and high quality standards.
At the end of the working trip, Tauelsyzdyk LLP was visited. LLP "Tauelsyzdyk" is engaged in the cultivation of grain crops and livestock breeding. Revenue from livestock products makes up a significant portion of total sales. Currently, the total number of cattle is 130 heads.
Summing up the results of a series of regional visits, the Head of the Holding noted the importance of improving the services provided by the Holding's group of companies, as well as the need for a targeted study of all issues.

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