Alikhan Smailov holds Baiterek Holding's Board of Directors meeting


An address by Aidar Arifkhanov

An address by Aidar Arifkhanov

Dear partners, colleagues, and friends!

Today I resigned as the Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, the country’s main financial development institution. The Holding has been supporting domestic entrepreneurs for nine years, providing people with affordable housing, and contributing to the development of the agro-industrial complex.

I led Baiterek Holding for about five years. During this time, my team and I have done a lot of work and achieved great results. We have increased the support for small and medium-sized businesses and helped hundreds of exporters find new markets. Our Holding and its subsidiaries helped boost housing construction. Thanks to these support measures, tens of thousands of people were able to start their own businesses, get permanent jobs and afford to buy their own apartments.

Baiterek Holding successfully implements governmental programs – Business Road Map, Nurly Zher, State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development, State Program for the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex, the Economy of Simple Things, and Enbek State Program.

We have fulfilled the instructions of the President. In particular, we managed to merge Baiterek and KazAgro holdings in the most effective way possible.

We have also launched a program enabling people to use their pension savings to buy real estate and receive medical services. In addition, we have launched Bakytty Otbasy and Shanyrak mortgage programs for people who need apartments but lack income to purchase ones.

We managed to successfully resolve issues related to problematic projects and asset privatization.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken several anti-crisis measures, providing prompt and effective support to the country's economy. Most customer services have been digitized. They are now available online.

Currently, we are reducing the number of the Holding’s subsidiaries. Today, only eight out of fourteen still remain. This year, the number of subsidiaries is planned to be reduced to seven.

I express my sincere gratitude to the President and the Government for the great honor they have bestowed upon me. I also would like to thank my team for their support, professionalism, and excellent work. I wish you all good health and success!


Best regards,

Aidar Arifkhanov

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