Alikhan Smailov holds Baiterek Holding's Board of Directors meeting


Aidar Arifkhanov went live on social media

Aidar Arifkhanov went live on social media

Aidar Arifkhanov, Chairman of the Board of Baiterek National Managing Holding JSC, went live on the Holding’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The live stream was done so the quasi-public sector could report to the people of Kazakhstan.

The head of Baiterek Holding spoke about the results of the Holding’s activities in 2020 and the company's contribution to the country's economy.

Currently, the Holding employs 10 subsidiaries that support micro-, small, medium-sized and large businesses; increase exports, develop the agro-industrial complex and venture financing, rehabilitate troubled companies, and ensure the financial affordability of housing.

By building a unified corporate policy, we release government agencies from duty to control the use of budget funds and the activities of the development institutions, – said Aidar Arifkhanov.

The Chairman of the Management Board stated that in 2020, Baiterek Holding quickly adapted to new conditions and continued to provide support to clients.

Last year was difficult for all of us. We are faced with a global problem that has affected all spheres of our lives. However, Baiterek Holding managed to adapt to new conditions during the pandemic. We not only continued to support our clients, but also managed to increase the support and make it easier to receive it, – stated Aidar Arifkhanov.

By the end of the last year, the Holding’s net profit amounted to 73 billion tenge, while assets amounted to 6.8 trillion tenge.

Generally speaking, last year, Baiterek Holding provided support to enterprises of non-resource sectors of the economy for more than 1 trillion tenge. The amount of financial support increased by 21% compared to the previous year, – said the speaker.

After his speech, Aidar Arifkhanov answered questions. About 20 questions were received via e-mail Also, questions were asked during the live stream.

You can watch the recorded live stream here.

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