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New urban development standards are being developed in Kazakhstan

New urban development standards are being developed in Kazakhstan

Today, real estate developers in Kazakhstan use outdated urban planning approaches and legal regulations that do not meet the needs of citizens and do not take into account changes in the social, political, economic, and cultural spheres.

In this regard, Kazakhstan needs to introduce new standards for the development of urban areas. It will be an important step towards improving the urban environment and making Kazakhstani cities more efficient and livable.

The Kazakhstan Housing Company and the Q88 Association of Urbanists of Kazakhstan are now adapting the standards to the new reality.

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According to Yerlan Aukenov, Chairman of the Q88 Association of Urbanists of Kazakhstan, they have to amend Kazakhstan’s laws on urban planning to create an inclusive urban environment and modernize the building code.

The new standard consists of 6 books and 4 catalogs and covers a wide range of issues regarding the urban environment and housing construction from the parameters of street blocks to the layouts of individual apartments.

The new standard provides that everything a person needs on a regular basis should lie within comfortable walking distance. High-quality standards and thoughtful architectural and design solutions will ultimately create a comfortable living environment for citizens.

The catalogs consider more specific solutions on landscaping, the design of multi-apartment residential buildings, residential development, and the planning of districts.

Each book addresses a specific aspect of designing a comfortable urban environment. There are also books on master planning, land development, development of empty areas, development of building code, etc.

Since previous urban planning standards proved to be ineffective, the introduction of new standards is being discussed.

New standards are intended to help create an urban environment that meets modern social and economic conditions, the interests of residents, businesses, and city authorities.

The standards are based on the principles of UN-Habitat and approaches to comfortable housing and urban development, which are considered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. These are the two international pillars that shape the global urban development agenda.

Their principles provide for mixed-use development, walkability, sustainability, high road density, and adherence to the building code. All these principles formed the basis for the new urban development standards.

– We are convinced that this project will help make our cities comfortable, inclusive, safe, and sustainable. We also hope it will give impetus to updating laws on urban planning and architectural design, – said Rustam Isaev, Deputy Chairman of the Kazakhstan Housing Company.

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