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What support does the "Baiterek" holding company provide during the state of emergency

What support does the "Baiterek" holding company provide during the state of emergency

The "Baiterek" National Management Holding and its subsidiaries, in fulfillment of the instructions of the Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, are providing a number of measures in support of entrepreneurs who have faced a difficult situation during a state of emergency.


Thus, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC (DBK) approved the anti-crisis plan. According to which, for projects financed in tenge, loans will be restructured. It implies a change in the repayment schedule of the principal debt and interest, an increase in loan terms, while maintaining the current interest rate. For projects funded in foreign currency, they will consider the possibility of converting a loan, subject to the provision of concessional funding from the Government, as well as the transfer of payments.


In addition, a pool of projects has been formed that require the necessary measures to be taken in the event of an increase in the negative impact of external factors and requiring enhanced monitoring.


In addition, in order to reduce the requirements for collateral for funded projects, DBK is amending its collateral policy and other internal acts.


Also, it became possible to finance projects using new financing tools. We are talking about attracting second-tier banks (STBs) to co-finance market investment projects, as well as syndicated financing of DBK investment projects in conjunction with STBs and other lenders. At the same time, DBK will participate as an organizing bank.


Note that at present, DBK operates remotely, while all the main and supporting business processes operate as usual. All contact information is published on the Bank’s website -, phone numbers - +7 (7172) 79 26 79, +7 701 110 7007.


It does not remain without attention of small and medium business, get support holding "Baiterek" through a subsidiary - Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu".


The instrument to guarantee, as of April 15 this year, "Damu" Fund has supported 111 projects in the amount of the loan 4.28 billion tenge. The amount of guarantees provided amounts to 1.650 billion tenge. The Fund agreed to provide restructuring for guarantee projects for 2,010 projects, in the amount of loans 58.5 billion tenge, the amount of guarantees - 26.3 billion tenge.


Under the subsidy instrument, 245 new projects were supported in the amount of loans of 35.4 billion tenge. The Fund agreed to provide restructuring for 1603 subsidy projects in the amount of 121.9 billion tenge.


Also, the Fund switched to a simplified process for considering applications for project restructuring. Today, one-time decisions are being made to amend the existing conditions for financing projects under state programs on subsidizing and guaranteeing instruments.


On the subsidization within the framework of the state program “Business Roadmap-2025”, the period for consideration of applications for restructuring was reduced from 5 to 1 working day. After the end of the emergency period, credit organizations will need to provide a pool of additional agreements to subsidy agreements for borrowers who have undergone restructuring.


On guaranteeing - the period for consideration of applications for restructuring is also reduced from 5 days and is carried out within 6 working hours, without analyzing the financial statements of entrepreneurs, without compiling monitoring reports and without considering them in an authorized body of the "Damu" Fund.


During the quarantine period, the number of calls to the call center to number 1408 and to the Foundation website increased by 50%. If since the beginning of the year about 16 thousand calls and 13.4 thousand calls to the site have been received, then of these 9.4 thousand calls and calls - during quarantine. In most cases, entrepreneurs are interested in anti-crisis measures to support SMBs in a state of emergency.


In the regional branches of the Fund, managers remotely provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs in supporting their projects until approval by the second-tier banks or financial organizations through the electronic portals and The "Damu" Fund continues to provide all measures of state support in full.


We also note that another subsidiary of the Holding - Investment Fund of Kazakhstan (IFK) has suspended accrual of rent for SMBs. In particular, starting from March 20 of this year, for the period of the state of emergency and quarantine in Kazakhstan, IFK stopped the calculation of rental payments for real estate for small and medium-sized businesses, by delaying by 3 months, without charging fines and penalties. Contact information published on the site -, phone numbers - +7 (7172) 559-422 (вн. 322; 323, 326).

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