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The head of state visited Prometheus School

The head of state visited Prometheus School
The President got acquainted with the classrooms, the natural science laboratory, the author's methods of teaching school subjects Daryn Go, Booky-Wooky, as well as the infrastructure of the educational institution.

In July 2022, the Baiterek Venture Fund (a captive fund of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC) provided funding to EPG Prometheus School LLP in the amount of 1,016 million tenge for the reconstruction of a building to launch a new educational center in the Almaly district of Almaty. The fund's share in the project was 26.59%. BVF investments are aimed at completing the construction and equipping the educational center.

Prometheus School was opened on November 9, 2022 with a capacity of 840 students. The area of the school is more than 12 thousand sq.m. The total investment in this school amounted to 5.2 billion tenge.

Educational grants are allocated for education for talented students from low-income families, whose number the school plans to increase annually.

The head of state was also provided with information on the projects implemented by the Enlightenment Power Group fund. According to the chairman of the supervisory board of the school and the director of the fund, Dosym Besbay, work is underway to open the PhysTech school, designed for 1,400 students. This school will be aimed at enrolling graduates in the world's leading technical universities. Completion of construction work is planned for November this year. The volume of investments is 3.9 billion tenge.

The head of state noted an interesting format for teaching and training students at Prometheus School. The President wished the teachers success and noted the importance of their work for society.

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