Suspension of Apartments Sales at EXPO

Suspension of Apartments Sales at EXPO

According to the Press Service of Baiterek Development JSC (a subsidiary organization of Baiterek Holding), the acceptance of applications for the purchase of apartments in the territory of EXPO International Exhibition has been repeatedly suspended due to a program failure. The failure occurred in the software of ARTA Software LLP company.

To ensure the process of receiving applications for the purchase of residential premises in EXPO Residence online, the company has entered into an agreement with the developer of this web-portal, ARTA Software LLP. The company takes the necessary measures to eliminate and identify the cause of the failure.

“Taking into account the high demand from the population for the purchase of apartments in EXPO Residence, Baiterek Development JSC will consider alternative ways of accepting applications that will ensure efficient and transparent housing sale process,” – as it is said in the message of the company.

The company is apologizing for any inconvenience. New time and date of applications submission will be announced later. To ensure equal and transparent access to the applications submission procedure, all the processed or partially processed applications have been canceled. No apartment has been sold. The developer represented by Arta Software LLP is responsible for the failure.

The management and design team of Arta Software LLP have also expressed their apologies for technical failures of expo.baiterek.gov.kz and Digital Baiterek websites caused by a series of deficiencies in the source code in the integration gateways between the official website and the processing system for incoming applications.

At the moment, measures are being taken to eliminate deficiencies. Information on the results of the measures taken will be further posted on the official website expo.baiterek.gov.kz.

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