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Startuppers present their projects to Baiterek Holding

Startuppers present their projects to Baiterek Holding

On October 28, during the “Digital Bridge 2021” International Forum, representatives of the quasi-public sector, businessmen, and investors met with startuppers. The event was attended by the delegation of Baiterek Holding headed by the Managing Director Ulan Oraztaev.

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Seven IT companies presented their projects to Baiterek Holding. The project of the IT Defense LLP is designed to protect websites from DDoS attacks. Another startup, AVR Labs, allows using VR headsets to incorporate virtual reality into any lesson. According to the developers, this technology use is not limited to the education system only.

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The developers of the QWIX project are trying to modernize paying for the services, which accept small bills or coins (vending machines, parking meters), etc. The technology that works using Bluetooth is 10 times cheaper than payment terminals.

The following projects have also been presented: Karva (an online marketplace), RecruitAI or Onay Zhumys (an AI service for staff recruitment), and (an electronic menu for the catering companies, automated order system).

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One of the most interesting startups is the IMMUNOGID.COM developed by Igor Ponomorev and Nurlybek Uderbaev, two highly qualified doctors. This is the online technology for checking the human immune system using a complete blood count. In a detailed report, which is paid, the system lists other problems of the human body with a 97% probability.

We will possibly introduce these startups in the activities of the Holding. In addition, promising startups will be recommended for support by our grandchild company – QazTech Ventures, in particular Kazakhstan Digital Acceleration, which supports such startups and helps them get additional investment, – said Ulan Oraztaev.

At the end of the meetings, Ulan Oraztaev thanked the participants and wished them success.

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