Otbasy Bank started to open special accounts for pension payments

Otbasy Bank started to open special accounts for pension payments

Otbasy Bank started to open special accounts for pension payments


Otbasy Bank has started opening special accounts for crediting lump-sum pension payments as an authorized operator.


Investors of the UAPF who plan to use one-time pension payments in order to improve living conditions and (or) pay for treatment can open special accounts with Housing Construction Savings Bank Otbasy Bank JSC (a subsidiary of Baiterek holding) online.


A special account for lump-sum pension payments is a current bank account opened by the recipient of lump-sum pension payments with an authorized operator, determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for crediting lump-sum pension payments from the unified accumulative pension fund in order to improve housing conditions and (or) pay for treatment.


First, we recommend opening special current accounts for those pension fund depositors who are not currently clients of Otbasy Bank JSC.


This requires:


Download ZhSSB24 mobile application (for IOS or Android).


At the bottom of the main page of the application, click on the "Open an account for a single pension payment" tab.


Next, enter a valid cell phone number and IIN.


An SMS with a code will be sent to your cell number to confirm the action.


Enter the received code.


Prepare your ID for scanning.


Now you need to verify your identity. Look at the screen and follow a few simple steps.


After successfully passing the verification, fill in the personal data in the client's questionnaire.


Read the application for data change, with the standard conditions of the Bank and the application for opening an account for a unified pension payment.


As confirmation, an SMS with a code will be sent to your number to confirm actions. Enter the received code.


Next, come up with and enter a password to enter Internet banking. To quickly enter the mobile application, create a passcode consisting of 4 digits.


A special current account for crediting one-time pension payments is open!


For Otbasy Bank clients, a special account will be opened during the application process on the online platform for the use of lump-sum pension payments. The platform will be launched after the approval of the Rules for the use of one-time pension payments.


You can also open a special account through a video call on the website of Otbasy Bank JSC.


The operation to open a special account will be available from Monday to Saturday (inclusive), from 9:00 to 21:00.


- Today we offer UAPF contributors to become one-step closer to achieving their goal and open a special account online. This will save them time when submitting applications for the use of lump-sum pension payments, - said Lyazzat Ibragimova, chairman of the bank's board.


Recall that Otbasy Bank, as an authorized operator, will not charge a commission for the provision of agency services related to the opening and maintenance of special current accounts to which pension savings will be credited, as well as for the transfer of pension payments from the UAPF


JSC Housing Construction Savings Bank Otbasy Bank is the only bank in the country that implements a system of housing construction savings. The bank is a member of the European Federation of Building Savings Banks (EFSSK) and the International Union for Housing Finance. The sole shareholder of Otbasy Bank JSC is Baiterek National Managing Holding JSC.


Additional information can be received calling: 300.

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