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Development Bank of Kazakhstan funds modernization of 5,000 km of highways


Otbasy Bank has started accepting applications under the program "Bakytty Otbasy"

Otbasy Bank has started accepting applications under the program "Bakytty Otbasy"
Applications for participation in the Bakytty Otbasy program are accepted from June 20 to July 19 (inclusive) on the platform . To do this, you need to be a customer of Otbasy Bank (a subsidiary of the Baiterek holding) and have a mobile phone at hand to receive an authentication code.

Additional certificates and documents do not need to be invested. The system will independently check the applicant's data and form an application.

Waiting lists for housing in the categories can take part in the program:

- large family;
- a family raising a child with disabilities;
- incomplete family (at least 3 years must have passed since the dissolution of the marriage).

Applications of participants of the Bakytty Otbasy program, which were submitted in 2021 and for which loans were not received, will cease to be valid. To participate in the new phase of the program, they will need to apply again this year.

When the acceptance of applications is completed, the main and reserve lists of participants will be automatically generated. The date of queuing at the local akimat and the category of queuing will be the determining factor in the distribution of participation. The results of the competition will be available on the portal .

- In 2022, under the Bakytty Otbasy program, we plan to provide loans to more than 5 thousand families. Funds in the amount of 51 billion tenge have already been received by Otbasy Bank. This year, priority in the distribution of limits between the participants of the program, as well as last year, will be given to families who raise children with disabilities. At the moment, thanks to Bakytty Otbasy, 14,500 Kazakhstani families have celebrated the housewarming, another 326 participants have received approval for loan applications and are in search of housing. In particular, 3,665 families raising children with disabilities have already been able to solve their housing issue," explained Lyazzat Ibragimova, Chairman of the Management Board of Otbasy Bank.

When selecting participants of the Bakytty Otbasy program, the incomes of citizens will be checked. For each family member over the past six months, they should not exceed 3.1 times the subsistence minimum (in 2022, the PM is 37,389 tenge, respectively, the income for each family member should not exceed the amount of 115,905 tenge).

Under the Bakytty Otbasy program, you can get a preferential loan at a rate of 2% per annum if there is an initial payment of 10% of the loan amount. The loan term will be up to 20 years.

A family can buy a loan housing built through local akimats or any apartment on the primary and secondary market, it is allowed to purchase a private house. The maximum loan amount will be up to 15 million tenge in the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and their suburban areas, Shymkent, Aktau, Atyrau and up to 10 million tenge in other regions. Real estate should be purchased in the region where the borrower is in line for housing.

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