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Otbasy Bank has helped over 465,000 Kazakh families celebrate housewarming for 20 years

Otbasy Bank has helped over 465,000 Kazakh families celebrate housewarming for 20 years
Taking into account the family factor, with the help of Otbasy Bank (a subsidiary of the Baiterek holding), about 1.8 million Kazakhstanis or every tenth inhabitant of the country now live in their own housing.

They were able to buy a house or an apartment at affordable terms with the help of the housing construction savings system. It has been implemented in Kazakhstan by Otbasy Bank for 20 years.

During this time, the bank was able to instill in Kazakhstanis a culture of savings and taught citizens how to effectively save for their future housing, which the bank's clients purchase at rates from 3.5% to 10% (SER from 3.6%).

Every year the number of customers benefiting from the housing construction savings system is growing. This confirms the number of bank depositors. Today, Otbasy Bank has 2.6 million depositors, and the deposit base reaches 2.2 trillion tenge, which is 42% of all long-term deposits of STBs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The state helps Kazakhstanis to save up for their own square meters. It annually accrues a 20% bonus to the savings accounts of Otbasy Bank depositors (the bonus accrues in an amount not exceeding 200 MCI).

In general, over 20 years of the bank's operation, 348 billion tenge was credited to the accounts of depositors. At the same time, the bank returned Otbasy to the state in connection with the early closing of deposits 17.6 billion tenge (if the depositor withdraws money from an account that is less than three years old, the bonus is not paid). Dividends from the bank's net profit amount to 140.5 billion tenge (including dividends in the amount of 67.2 billion tenge for 2022, which will be paid in August this year), and
the amount of corporate tax paid to the country's budget for 19 years amounted to 40.8 billion tenge. That is, the state premium, which is paid to Kazakhstanis, is returned to the budget in the form of profits and taxes. So, at minimal cost, the state increases the provision of citizens with housing, raises the standard of living and welfare of the population.

- The mission of Otbasy Bank today sounds like this: providing Kazakh families with their own housing and strengthening the feeling of the Motherland. When you have your own house or apartment, then there is faith in your country, there is a desire to create families, raise children, and work for the good of Kazakhstan. Over the entire period of the bank's operation, we have issued more than 465,000 loans. Taking into account the average family factor of 4, in fact 1.8 million people in Kazakhstan live in their own housing, which was purchased with the help of housing and construction savings. I believe that we are fulfilling our mission with dignity, - said Lyazzat Ibragimova, Chairman of the Board of Otbasy Bank.

The bank issued the first loan from Otbasy in 2005. From the same year, the bank became a participant in state and industry programs, began cooperation with private developers in the sale of housing through the system of housing savings.

Now the bank's mortgage portfolio has reached 3 trillion tenge. The share of Otbasy Bank in the country's total mortgage reached 56%.

According to the results of the first half of 2023, 28,872 Kazakhstanis received affordable loans, of which 12% were within the framework of state programs.

At the same time, Otbasy Bank has the lowest level of delinquency on loans. To evaluate it, the NPL indicator is used - this is the amount of the loan portfolio with overdue debt, which is more than 90 days. In Otbasy Bank NPL is 0.08%, which is several times less than the average for the banking system, where this share is 3.36%.

In 2006, Otbasy Bank reached break-even activity. At the end of 2022, the bank's net profit amounted to a record 96 billion tenge. The largest part - 67.2 billion tenge - will be paid as dividends to the sole shareholder - Baiterek holding. At the same time, 28.8 billion tenge of net profit will be directed to the implementation of the bank's own programs.

The bank's customers were twice compensated for their deposits. In 2016-2017, 49.6 billion tenge was credited to 316,760 deposits. In 2023, 115.1 billion tenge were credited to 883,071 deposits. On behalf of the head of state, in 2021 Otbasy Bank for a record 2.5
month developed and launched a platform for the use of pension surplus - During the operation of the portal, 938,814 Kazakhstanis used their pension surplus by sending the EPO to improve their living conditions or receive medical treatment. The total amount of use of pension surplus is 2.9 trillion tenge.

At the start of its work in Otbasy Bank, there were only 3 branches and 4 representative offices. Today the bank has 18 regional branches and 19 service centers. At the same time, the bank is actively developing remote service channels and transferring its services online. The bank has its own marketplace Baspana market, where you can choose a home, apply and get a loan to buy it.

The bank was also one of the first STBs to introduce the Blockchain technology. With its help, clients can remotely register a pledge agreement or remove this pledge from encumbrance in a few minutes in case of early repayment of the loan. Today, Blockchain has helped save customers time and get the services they need remotely. This option was used in 2022 by 34,277 people, this year by 15,471 people.

At the moment, 83.2% of banking operations are performed remotely. And in the future, the bank will continue to improve and automate its processes so that customers receive services comfortably and quickly.

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