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Baiterek Holding and Forebright Capital Asia Private Limited forge pact to establish investment fund


How "DKB-2025" provides real assistance to Kazakhstani business

How "DKB-2025" provides real assistance to Kazakhstani business

In Kazakhstan, tools are successfully operating that help local entrepreneurs to receive substantial and necessary support from the state here and now. Thus, the national managing holding Baiterek actively subsidizes small and medium-sized domestic businesses in the country, and this assistance is especially valuable during the period of coronavirus, quarantine and the introduction of an emergency regime.

Baiterek Holding is the main operator of the state program "Business Road Map", which has been implemented since 2010 on behalf of the First President. DKB-2025 is being sold through a subsidiary of the holding, the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Subsidies and guarantees have become the main instruments for supporting SMEs.

From March 16 to May 11, "Damu" subsidized 348 new projects worth 72.4 billion tenge in loans. Nevertheless, during a briefing on the interim results of the implementation of the state program "Business Road Map - 2025", Rustam Karagoyshin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Baiterek", noted that the current period for Kazakhstani business is very difficult, entrepreneurs are suffering losses. Therefore, support for SMEs has become a priority area of ​​work.

The deputy chairman of the board added that industry restrictions have been lifted on the subsidy instrument, the rate for entrepreneurs has been unified at 6 percent, and the amount of loans has been increased from 2.5 to 7 billion tenge for 5 years. There have also been changes on guarantee instruments - loans of up to 360 million tenge are guaranteed for start-up entrepreneurs, while 85 percent of the loan amount is guaranteed when lending through second-tier banks.

"Baiterek" Holding and "Damu" Fund will fully continue to fulfill their obligations within the framework of the state program. We are faced with the task of increasing the number of entrepreneurs. If now the share of small and medium-sized businesses in the country's GDP is 30.8 percent, then by 2025 This figure should grow to 35 percent this year. We expect such a colossal growth in five years, so I urge our entrepreneurs not to be afraid to apply for state support to create or develop their business, "Rustam Karagoishin said.

Many Kazakhstani entrepreneurs have already used state support from the Damu Fund, assessing the flexibility of the DKB-2025 for SMEs. One of the participants in the program was the Umit Hospital Complex of Tomotherapy and Nuclear Medicine in Nur-Sultan. According to the director of the complex Yerzhan Shayakhmetov, radiation therapy is one of the most important types of treatment for cancer patients, and Umit treats malignant neoplasms with this method practically of all organs.

“During the quarantine period, the center's indicators doubled due to the fact that the Nur-Sultan city cancer center was closed for quarantine, in addition, a linear accelerator was out of order. Therefore, our center covered almost 100 percent of the needs of citizens for radiation therapy. In the first six months of 2020, we have reached the same level as for the entire last year, we even exceeded the plan, "says Yerzhan Shayakhmetov.

The implementation of a project so important for the health of Kazakhstanis was only possible with the support of the state. To complete the construction of the center in 2019, the management of Umit attracted borrowed funds for 5 years at 13.5 percent per annum, of which 40 percent per annum is subsidized under the state program "Business Roadmap - 2020", and the difference is paid by the owners of the center.

“Like any private business, we need state support. The project of a tomotherapy center could not do without subsidies from the Damu Fund. Therefore, we took advantage of the support program and received subsidies. At the same time, the annual rate was reduced from 13 to 6 percent, except Moreover, until October 1, 2020, we do not deduct taxes and deductions for medical insurance for employees. This also plays a big role in the development of our business. For us, the holding's anti-crisis initiatives are a blessing, "says the director of the medical complex.

It is not only projects in the field of health care that can receive approval for subsidies under the "BRM-2025". The company LLP "Gidrostroy Shymkent Group" is engaged in the production of glass mosaics and was created on the basis of modern world technologies. Customers appreciate the mosaic from Gidrostroy Shymkent Group for the quality of products and individual approach. According to the general director of the company Oleg Khatamov, thanks to this, the company is in demand not only in the market of Kazakhstan, but also abroad.

"We provide the domestic market. Now other dealers are interested. For example, they appear from Moscow itself. They are interested from Uzbekistan. Because our quality is better and the price is lower," says Khatamov.

It was not easy to start such a business in Shymkent, so it was decided to apply for financial assistance to the Damu Fund, first of all, in order to receive funds for the purchase of equipment and raw materials. Under the "Business Road Map" program, the company received a subsidy in the amount of 140 million tenge. Now the business is developing and even during the quarantine period shows an excellent result.

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