Harvesting in North Kazakhstan Region: A Partnership between KazAgroFinance and SK Agro 2050 LLP

Harvesting in North Kazakhstan Region: A Partnership between KazAgroFinance and SK Agro 2050 LLP

In North Kazakhstan's M. Zhumabayev District, a harvesting campaign is currently underway, exerting a profound impact on the region's agricultural landscape. SK Agro 2050 LLP is embracing this challenge with enthusiasm. Back in 2016, the company acquired five CASE combine harvesters through financial leasing provided by KazAgroFinance. This year, the farm decided to bolster its machinery fleet. Once again, they turned to KazAgroFinance, utilizing the Master Leasing program to procure nine state-of-the-art Acros combine harvesters.


The agriculture sector of North Kazakhstan Region assumes a critical role in upholding food security, not only within the region but also on a national scale. The harvesting phase is one of the most consequential stages in agricultural production, and this campaign serves as a testament to how modern technology and expertise can revolutionize the harvest.


The skilled and coordinated efforts of SK Agro 2050 LLP personnel are indispensable for ensuring the successful culmination of harvesting operations. The Acros combine harvesters, known for their reliability and efficiency, play a pivotal role in harvesting crops with peak productivity. Despite rainy weather in the region, farmers remain optimistic about a bountiful harvest this year.

 Managing a vast expanse of 30,000 hectares demands not just technical prowess but also strategic management. Every detail in a harvesting campaign holds significance, and meticulous attention to these details is an elemental component of achieving success.

This ambitious project is poised to bestow substantial benefits upon the region, elevating the quality of agricultural produce and fortifying rural communities. It stands as a shining exemplar of how modern agricultural technologies and leasing programs offered by KazAgroFinance can underpin agricultural advancement within Kazakhstan.


The North Kazakhstan Region branch of KazAgroFinance has already leased 405 units of equipment this year, including 67 combine harvesters, 87 tractors, and 51 seed drills. 

This ongoing harvesting campaign stands as compelling evidence of SK Agro 2050 LLP's fruitful endeavors, poised to make a significant contribution to the sustainable advancement of agriculture in the region.


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