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Bereke Bank resumed work with the Mastercard payment system

Bereke Bank resumed work with the Mastercard payment system

Kazakhstan JSC "Bereke Bank" became the first financial institution in the world to restore the operation of payment cards in the shortest possible time after the lifting of international sanctions. Full-fledged work with the international payment system was restored in three months, which is twice as fast as it usually happened in world practice

Mastercard cards from the Bank can be used to pay all over the world, including retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, websites and applications, make transfers and receive cash. Also, all types of online transactions are available to customers, including transfers in national and foreign currencies (US dollars, euros, rubles and yuan).

“Resuming work with Mastercard is a colossal and invaluable experience for us. I thank each participant in the process, because in a short time the teams went through all the procedures for connecting, in fact, a new participant to the Mastercard international payment system and provided our clients with access to digital payment methods that guarantee safe and reliable transactions anywhere in the world. Today, Bereke Bank is heading for a full recovery of operations. We show positive dynamics of financial indicators, we became the first in the market in terms of growth rates of deposits of both legal entities and individuals. Clients are actively returning to the bank. And we really appreciate their trust and are working to provide the most complete range of services and convenient services,” said Andrei Timchenko, Chairman of the Board of Bereke Bank JSC.

“The fact that Bereke Bank quickly took the necessary steps to start issuing Mastercard cards under the new brand speaks of the high professionalism of the team and a great desire to provide world-class services to customers. We are pleased that Mastercard privileges and special offers are available to Bereke Bank customers. Together with the bank, we will continue to work to provide Kazakhstanis with more and more modern payment instruments and services and bring the digital future closer,” said Rafal Trepka, CEO of Mastercard in Central Asia.

License No. 1.2.199/93/31 dated September 20, 22, issued by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the regulation and development of the financial market.

For reference:

Bereke Bank JSC is a second-tier Kazakh bank, 100% of the shares of a financial organization are owned by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan represented by Baiterek NMH JSC. As of 07/01/2023, it is included in the TOP-10 STBs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Bank complies with all prudential standards. The capital adequacy ratio increased from 9.4% as of January 1, 2023 to to 11.0% as of August 1, 2023. The financial institution makes a monthly profit, for 7 months of 2023 the profit amounted to 14.6 billion tenge.

Bereke Bank JSC has a wide branch network, consisting of 110 structural divisions, 17 of which are branches. The central office of the Bank is located in Almaty.

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