Bashkortostan's retail sector to cooperate with Kazakhstani exporters

Bashkortostan's retail sector to cooperate with Kazakhstani exporters

Kazakhstani exporters engaged in fruitful discussions with key representatives of Bashkortostan's prominent retail companies. The meetings, which took place at the headquarters of KazakhExport Export Insurance Company in Astana, were organized with support from the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Congressional Activities of Bashkortostan, all geared towards bolstering the international outreach of domestic goods.


Among the prospective buyers of Kazakhstani goods, Raid-21 distribution company stood out, boasting an extensive clientele across 7,000 retail stores. Forward CJSC, a retail giant, joined the fold with its chain of department stores, including Polushka and Polushka VkusMarket (56 stores across various networks, both national and regional). AgroRespublika LLC, a regional supplier of vegetables, fruits, and grocery items, expressed its interest in forging partnerships.


Over a span of two days, the Bashkortostan delegation engaged in a series of meetings and negotiations with Kazakhstani exporters, with a primary focus on strengthening and expanding collaborative ties. Throughout their visit, the retail representatives sought to cement export agreements and broaden their network of Kazakhstani suppliers, with a keen eye on leveraging the support mechanisms provided by KazakhExport.

The delegation expressed particular interest in commodities such as apples, onions, flour, pasta, confectionery, tea, juice, meat, meat delicacies, and other product categories.

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"We decided to leverage last year's successful experience in organizing a similar meeting with a delegation from Tatarstan, the outcome of which has already seen Kazakhstani product exports under the protective coverage of KazakhExport insurance. This measure stimulates the strengthening of bilateral relations and enhances the recognition of domestic goods," stated Renat Kaliyev, Regional Director of KazakhExport in the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation.

The preliminary outcomes of these negotiations were deliberated during a meeting between Kairat Torebaev, Vice Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan, and Margarita Bolycheva, Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and Congressional Activities of Bashkortostan. Both parties expressed unwavering confidence that these negotiations will propel the growth and evolution of bilateral cooperation to new heights.

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KazakhExport EIC JSC, a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding, plays a pivotal role in supporting domestic non-resource exporters through various financial instruments. Since 2016, KazakhExport has supported over 200 exporters with a total value exceeding 870 billion tenge.

The supported enterprises operate across vital sectors of the economy, including food and chemical industries, mechanical engineering, agriculture, metallurgy, and more. Export destinations encompass countries such as Uzbekistan, Russia, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, China, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Turkey, and many others.

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