Baiterek Holding Is Intending to Intensify Cooperation with the French "BpiFrance" Bank

Baiterek Holding Is Intending to Intensify Cooperation with the French "BpiFrance" Bank

The Managing Director - Member of the Board of Baiterek NMH JSC, Ainur Kuatova, has held a meeting with representatives of “BpiFrance” state investment bank of France.


Ainur Kuatova told the foreign delegation about the activities of the Holding, stressing out that Baiterek is the key institution of the Government that ensures implementation of the objectives for the sustainable development of the country's economy.


Baiterek and BpiFrance are the development institutions that are similar in their activities, therefore the exchange of experience and knowledge in different sectors is important for both parties.


In her turn, the head for partnerships outside Europe at BpiFrance, Isabelle Lebeau, told colleagues about the tools that companies can use as a part of the financing proposed by the Bank.


The parties expressed their intention to intensify cooperation. In 2015, during the visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to France, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Holding and BpiFrance. It is proposed to enter into a new memorandum, which will provide partnership opportunities for the subsidiaries of the Holding and the Bank in the areas such as the development of small and medium-sized businesses, involvement in direct funds, venture capital investments, cooperation in large projects financing, as well as support for exporters.


According to Isabelle Lebeau, the Holding’s activities such as the development of innovations through QazTech Ventures and the provision of export support through the tools of KazakhExport are of particular interest to the French development institute.


In addition, BpiFrance successfully provides non-financial support in France through training of small and medium-sized businesses and providing coaching services. Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund has expressed interest in the best practices of the French colleagues in organizing such trainings.

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