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Baiterek Holding takes part in Kazakhstan-Netherlands roundtable

Baiterek Holding takes part in Kazakhstan-Netherlands roundtable
Baiterek Holding, represented by its managing director Niyaz Koshkimbayev, participated in the Kazakhstan-Netherlands investment round table held in the Hague on February 15. The event focused on discussing investment cooperation between the official and business circles of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands.
During his welcoming speech, Niyaz Koshkimbayev emphasized the importance of cooperation with European countries, particularly the Netherlands, and supporting joint projects. He also provided detailed information about the activities of the Holding and its subsidiaries.
Koshkimbayev highlighted the support that the Holding provides for agricultural sector projects and discussed the current work of the agricultural block. He stated that the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan is an attractive sector for foreign investment, including for Dutch investors, due to the country's rich land resources and profitable geographical position, which allows for easy access to fast-growing markets like China, the EAEU, and the Persian Gulf countries.
According to Koshkimbayev, the cooperation in agriculture between Kazakh and Dutch companies will positively impact the development of the agricultural sector in both countries. He expressed the readiness to consider specific proposals for financing projects in the agro-industrial complex under existing lending programs and to strengthen partnerships on joint business initiatives.

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