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Baiterek Holding launches 100 billion tenge leasing program for farmers


Baiterek Holding’s primary party organization reported on the work undertaken

Baiterek Holding’s primary party organization reported on the work undertaken

Members of Baiterek Holding’s primary party organization (PPO) of the Nur Otan Party’s Esil District branch (Nur-Sultan) have met online.

During the meeting, the PPO reported on the work done over the past two years and set tasks for the coming period.

Dina Akrachkova, the secretary of the PPO, informed that employees of Baiterek Holding and its subsidiaries took part in several charitable events held in 2020, the Year of Volunteers as announced by the President of Kazakhstan. For example, the employees helped remove snow on the territory of the animal shelter in the village of Kosshy and kindergarten #76. Employees also took part in a citywide environmental cleanup and raised money to purchase household appliances for the Umit Crisis Center, which provides support to women in difficult life situations. Besides, school supplies for low-income families and New Year gifts for children with disabilities were purchased.

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The Holding has also helped implement Dara Public Fund’s “Corporate mentoring for orphans” project, providing orphans with an opportunity to undergo training in Baiterek Holding.

In addition, the meeting participants considered plans for the implementation of the Roadmap Program approved under Nur Otan Party’s electoral strategy. Party members paid special attention to the Party Code of Ethics and noted the Holding’s participation in events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence.

As a result, the work done by the PPO was recognized as satisfactory.

The meeting unanimously elected a new Chairman of the PPO – Anuar Omarkhodzhaev, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, who is in charge of the development of innovative projects, the introduction of information technologies, legal support, and construction.

In conclusion, the meeting participants elected a delegate who will take part in the 22nd regular conference of the Nur Otan Party’s Esil District branch in Nur-Sultan.

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