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Baiterek Holding’s employees observe government-sponsored Kazakh language study projects

Baiterek Holding’s employees observe government-sponsored Kazakh language study projects

On November 17, 2021, Baiterek Holding’s Department of Operations hosted a webinar on the topic “The Ways of Learning Kazakh.” The webinar, attended by employees of the Holding and its subsidiaries, is part of the Language Policy for 2020-2025 implementation.

The event was attended by Shaisultan Shayakhmetov (a representative of the Language Policy Committee), Moldir Bakhytkyzy (the head of the Information Technology Department of the Til-Kazyna National Scientific and Practical Center), Meiram Sapargaliev (the head of the Rukhaniyat Public Institution of the Nur-Sultan Akimat), and Marzhan Myrzakhanova (Chief Specialist). They have presented Kazakh language training courses and IT projects.

Moldir Bakytkyzy stated that 11 projects, which will help everyone interested to learn the Kazakh language, have been developed and recommended for use. Each project has been presented during the webinar. The following Kazakh language learning websites are now available:,,, and One can also use the website when preparing official documents.

Marzhan Myrzakhanova talked about 24-hour, 48-hour, and 100-hour free intensive courses, organized by Rukhaniyat Public Institution.

At the webinar’s end, the participants asked questions and received additional materials if they were requested.

We hope that the event helped our employees find out more about the projects for learning Kazakh and contributed to the use of the Kazakh language in the country.

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