Alikhan Smailov holds Baiterek Holding's Board of Directors meeting


Baiterek Holding attracted a 3 trillion tenge investment in the manufacturing sector

Baiterek Holding attracted a 3 trillion tenge investment in the manufacturing sector

Baiterek Holding attracted more than 3 trillion tenge of investments into the economy’s manufacturing sector through support instruments. Aidar Arifkhanov, chairman of the Holding’s Management Board, announced this today at the Government session.

Baiterek Holding is the Government’s main financial operator for the implementation of state programs aimed at supporting the economy’s non-resource sectors, such as the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development (SPIID), Business Roadmap, Ondiris, Economy of Simple Things, and the National Export Strategy. Thus, over the years, Baiterek has attracted investments worth more than 3 trillion tenge into the manufacturing sectors of the economy, – said Aidar Arifkhanov.

According to him, in the coming years, the support of the manufacturing sectors will increase. It is also planned to invest into the manufacturing industry in the next year.

Under the SPIID-3 program, 130 billion tenge is planned to be allocated for investment and export support in 2021. The total amount of financing by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan will amount to 342 billion tenge in 2021.

Business Roadmap-2025 program will continue to be carried out. This year, 850 projects will be granted loans for 53 billion tenge. 955 projects in the manufacturing sector will be granted loans for 68 billion tenge, the amount of the guarantee will reach 27 billion tenge, – stated the head of the Baiterek Holding.

Under the “Economy of Simple Things” program, 335 projects of the manufacturing industry will get funding for 254 billion tenge, while the amount of subsidies will amount to 7.6 billion tenge.

We will continue to implement the Ondiris program, which provides for financing through the placement of funds in second-tier banks. This year, the financing will amount to 123 billion tenge, 580 projects in the manufacturing industry will be granted loans. The funds were given for 20 years and will be used until 2034-35, – said Aidar Arifkhanov.

Lease financing provides support for equipment upgrades in manufacturing sectors. Currently, the republican budget for 2021 provides 36.7 billion tenge for the renovation of buses and railroad cars.

The insurance support provided to exporters through the “KazakhExport” Export Insurance Company is growing at a significant pace. So, over the past three years, the amount of insurance liabilities has increased more than 3 times, and in 2021 the insurance support will reach 200 billion tenge, – concluded the head of the Baiterek Holding.

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