Baiterek Holding and Satbayev University signed a memorandum of cooperation

Baiterek Holding and Satbayev University signed a memorandum of cooperation

Today in Almaty, the Baiterek National Managing Holding and the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after Kanysh Satpayev signed a memorandum of cooperation. The parties were signed by the Chairman of the Management Board of the Holding Aidar Arifkhanov and the rector of the university Iskander Beysembetov.


Baiterek holding has been successfully cooperating with KazNRTU since 2018. In particular, within the framework of the implementation of the state programs "Nurly Zher" and "Road Map of Employment", the Situational Center "Nurly Zher" and the Portal of local executive bodies were jointly developed.


“Our joint solutions allow the Baiterek holding to monitor online the construction, financing and implementation of the constructed housing under the state program with the use of modern technical means of control,” said the head of the Baiterek holding.


The Holding plans to create a Building Materials Marketplace on the basis of the Situation Center. This will reduce the cost of housing construction and support Kazakhstani manufacturers of building materials.


The parties expressed their intention to develop and maintain cooperation in the field of joint technological solutions and scientific activities of the university. In addition, cooperation involves participation in the development of curricula, as well as practical training for students and graduates of the University, taking into account the needs and capabilities of the "Baiterek" holding.


"Signing a memorandum and working on joint projects will help our companies exchange experience and further develop the integration of science and industry. I am sure that our joint work has great potential. Within the framework of our cooperation, we see prospects for further improving the quality of implementation of state IT projects", Iskander Beysembetov commented.



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