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Astana International Forum: Panel discussion opens up new prospects for sustainable development of Eurasia

Astana International Forum: Panel discussion opens up new prospects for sustainable development of Eurasia
Today, within the framework of the Astana International Forum, a panel discussion was held,
organized by Baiterek National Managing Holding JSC. Event, dedicated to the theme "Eurasia: on the way to sustainable development", brought together high-class participants and formed a fruitful platform for dialogue on cooperation in solving common problems of sustainable development. In his speech, Kanat Sharlapaev, Chairman of the Board of Baiterek NMH JSC, noted that today the forum is a platform for a productive, constructive dialogue.
“If we look at the current situation where supply chains are broken, the built logistics has changed, the goals of sustainable development are becoming very important issues on the agenda of both the Government and the private sector. Certainly, Kazakhstan is involved in the discussion of these issues. Here it is important to state, first of all, the economic growth. It is impossible to develop the economy without solving social issues and environmental issues,” he said during the introduction.
He noted that Baiterek is one of the largest agents in Kazakhstan in financial sector. In its activities, the holding puts on one side of the scale stability and economic development, and on the other - social issues and issues ecology. Through its subsidiary Otbasy Bank, Baiterek provides favorable mortgage for the purchase of housing, there is a housing program specifically for women. Through the Damu Fund, support is provided to small, medium and large business, funds are allocated to support projects using alternative energy sources. Another important aspect is investment in agriculture and support for the use of new technologies to conserve water resources.
“We see great potential for the development of agriculture in Kazakhstan. Almost 75% of the land is suitable for agriculture, but some of it is used only 30%. I think this is one of the important goals and challenges for Baiterek. Eat some difficulties. They relate to the availability of water resources, insufficient infrastructure of vegetable stores, markets, infrastructure and ecology. All these aspects
needs to be improved. I think we are on the right track, because a number of projects are being implemented in this direction, especially in the development of food hubs and wholesale markets.
This kind of infrastructure can help structure the food supply chain. sector, improving supply chains and reducing the negative impact on the environment Wednesday," added Benoit Juster, Executive Director of Rungis Market. As the Lead Regional Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and development (EBRD) Erik Livni, the main question is how to develop countries using resources of development institutions.
“How can we develop countries in the most efficient and effective way? TO for example, in countries like Kyrgyzstan some degree of organization is required. There you need to bring a certain amount of order and reduce the number of revolutions. And in such countries like Kazakhstan need to make a little more focus on SMEs, as it is doing now "Baiterek" through various programs, the DAMU fund, support for agriculture, through other activities. Today there are many representatives of international, local companies. It was nice to see everyone's great interest in the country and the fact that we got along in many views - ranging from education and funds to development institutions coordinating
efforts of the private sector,” concluded the economist.
Within the framework of the Astana International Forum, representatives of the Baiterek holding held
business meetings with international companies and organizations to discuss potential investment opportunities and cooperation. The meetings included discussion of the development of infrastructure, energy, transport, tourism and other sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan. So, the head of the holding met with vice-President of the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) for investmentK. Limitovsky’s operations, where he discussed potential funding opportunities AIIB for Housing and Urban Development in Kazakhstan.
There was also a meeting with the General Director of Al Rajhi International for Investmen and co-chairman of the Kazakh-Saudi Business Council Ahmed Ali Al-Dahil. The meeting discussed financial instruments to support the holding andsubsidiaries in the field of agro-industrial complex, as well as the prospects for bilateral cooperation.
After that, the management of the holding held a meeting with representatives of MasterCard. The main topic of discussion was the prospects for the restoration of Bereke Bank as issuer and acquirer in the payment system. Kanat Sharlapaev noted the high Efficiency and efficiency of work on the part of MasterCard as part of the recovery. He stressed that by joint efforts it is possible to significantly reduce the time process.
After the end of the panel discussion, the head of the holding met with the Delong delegation steel group. During the meeting, the possibilities of implementing the project on production of high quality automotive steel in Kazakhstan. Kanat Sharlapaev expressed interest in this project and noted that the Chinese brands Changan, Chery and Great Wall have already decided to assemble their cars at Kazakh plants.
At the end of the day, Kanat Sharlapaev met with the Managing Director World Economic Forum M. Dushekom. At this meeting, it was discussed the question of how the World Economic Forum is engaging the private sector in its activities, as well as potential opportunities for cooperation between
VEF and the Baiterek holding.
The Astana International Forum is taking place in the capital of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the ongoing event is to join forces to address key global challenges. The topic of the forum is “Overcoming challenges through dialogue: on the path of cooperation, development and progress". More than 1,000 delegates and 100 speakers. The event brought together high-ranking delegates from foreign governments, international organizations, business and academia. The international forum consists of four key themes that include the economy and finance, energy and climate change, international development and sustainability, and as well as foreign policy and international security.

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