Aspandiyar Iskakov: The single personnel reserve of the Baiterek holding gives great advantages

Aspandiyar Iskakov: The single personnel reserve of the Baiterek holding gives great advantages

Aspandiyar Iskakov graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University. He is married with two children and is fond of table tennis. In the Baiterek holding, Aspandiyar holds the position of the chief manager of the Department of Economics and Budget Planning. He has been working in the financial sector for over almost 20 years, of which almost 5 years in the Holding. He is a reservist of the Baiterek Holding's Unified Personnel Pool.

- I started my career in the Holding on March 31, 2016 in the Department of Economics and Budget Planning. The office at that time was located on the water-green boulevard, in the Emerald Quarter business center.

There was no time for the buildup, it was time to consolidate the Development Plan - a document containing the targets of the Baiterek holding for the next five years. The deadlines were tight, it was necessary to prepare materials together with colleagues, to submit them for consideration by the Management Board and the Board of Directors, having previously agreed with the state authorities. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the department, the work was completed on time. This is how my work at the Baiterek holding began.

The selection to the Unified Personnel Pool of the Baiterek holding required some effort. The conditions were tough. The advantages of the talent pool are obvious: it is an opportunity to study under the MBA program, to participate in a competition for a vacant position without additional selection procedures. And these rules apply to all organizations that are part of the group of companies of the Holding.

I believe that every reservist has a high level of professionalism, great experience that can be shared with colleagues and applied in their work.

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