AI spoke in Kazakh: the new virtual presenter was presented by "Baiterek"

AI spoke in Kazakh: the new virtual presenter was presented by "Baiterek"
A new innovative project in the field of information technology and artificial intelligence development was presented to Kazakhstanis by JSC "National Managing Holding "Baiterek". And if the first domestic development in this direction, the news anchor Amalia, spoke to her viewers in Russian, now the specialists of the holding have created Arman, a presenter who perfectly speaks the Kazakh language, in which he conducts information programs. Like his colleague Amalia, Arman is completely created and generated by artificial intelligence.

The creation of such a digital project is the result of not only serious preparatory work, but also the rapid reaction of the holding to the latest trends in the IT field. While modern technical developments are replacing outdated solutions, host Arman pleases the audience with the ability to independently select and cover the most relevant events.


"It is very important for us that this project was developed without attracting financial resources. Like Amalia, who conducts programs in Russian, Arman is also created with the help of programs available in the public domain. This is the first project in the public and quasi-public sector of Kazakhstan, capable of speaking the Kazakh language, which we are especially proud of," says Bolat Sadykov, head of the press service of NUH "Baiterek".

Useful tips, timely information about the most profitable financing programs, valuable first–hand information and the latest news - all this Arman will provide to users of social networks in the Kazakh language, actively interacting with the audience.

The project to create virtual presenters Amalia and Arman is an innovative and advanced initiative of the press service of the joint-stock company "National Managing Holding "Baiterek". The reason for such a development was the desire of the holding's specialists to optimize their work and increase the effectiveness of informing their audience.

"Of course, for us it is in many ways an image project. Our clients and partners know "Baiterek" as a real center of innovative developments – now we have expanded our audience to include the entire Kazakh-speaking population of our republic. I would add that in the context of modern technological innovations, the introduction of artificial intelligence is an integral part of the truly effective work of any organization. The project to create a virtual presenter provides an opportunity to optimize the work and improve the company's performance, allowing you to process large amounts of data, identify trends and patterns, as well as automate routine processes," said Bolat Sadykov.

The appearance of Amalia and Arman in the network is only the tip of the iceberg in the array of developments of the holding concerning the use of advanced technologies. The use of artificial intelligence to create a virtual presenter leads to significant economic, social and other effects. Thus, Arman's round-the-clock work, which does not require sick leave and vacations, will significantly reduce the costs of hiring and maintaining a real presenter, as well as the requirements for equipment and space for his work. The company plans to direct the released resources to the development of other priority areas, such as the development of new products or the improvement of services.

The social effects of using a virtual presenter, whether it's charming Amalia or intellectual Arman, are related to his attractiveness and uniqueness. The innovative nature of the virtual presenter will attract a wide audience, especially young people, to the activities of Baiterek. According to the head of the holding's press service, this will open up the possibility of effective promotion of the company's products and services on social networks, which means increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers. Such a modern approach will allow the company to strengthen its position in the market and confirm its reputation as an innovative and advanced organization.

Today, the work of both virtual presenters - Arman and Amalia - is a step forward, one of many that the company has yet to make in the direction of the development of artificial intelligence and other technical innovations.

You can get the latest news from the leading news of Arman and Amalia on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram.

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