Agrarian Credit Corporation and KazAgroFinance report on work results

Agrarian Credit Corporation and KazAgroFinance report on work results

Today, Kanat Sharlapayev, Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, met with the heads of the Agrarian Credit Corporation and the KazAgroFinance, and directors of their regional branches.

The KazAgroFinance merged into Baiterek Holding more than a year ago. During this year, the Holding’s subsidiaries’ work has been thoroughly optimized.

Last year, the Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture merged into the Agrarian Credit Corporation. Now one company does the work that was previously done by two.

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– In the third quarter of 2022, KazAgroFinance must become a subsidiary of the Agrarian Credit Corporation. We must complete the merger, – said Kanat Sharlapayev.

The head of the Holding stated that the government pays great attention to the development of agriculture. Thus, the government has allocated an additional 70 billion tenge to finance spring field and harvesting works.

– The Agrarian Credit Corporation and the KazAgroFinance are attracting additional money from the republican budget. Both companies will also increase funding for investment projects in agriculture, – said the Chairman of the Board.

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Kanat Sharlapayev also stated that projects related to the agro-industrial complex are a high priority for the Holding.

At the meeting, Almat Ashirbekov, Chairman of the Board of the Agrarian Credit Corporation, and Aidar Prashev, Chairman of the Board of the KazAgroFinance, reported on the work results and the companies’ plans.

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During the meeting, the participants also discussed current plans to support agricultural manufacturers.

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