According to the program "Bakytty otbasy" there will be no restrictions on the maximum loan amount

According to the program "Bakytty otbasy" there will be no restrictions on the maximum loan amount
Otbasy Bank (a subsidiary of the Baiterek Holding) has already formed a list of participants under the Bakytty Otbasy program. The key criteria for selection were the date of queuing at the local akimat and the category of staging. In the coming days, all participants of the program will see their status in their personal account on the portal otbasybank.kz .

51 billion tenge was allocated from the republican budget this year for lending to Kazakhstani families on preferential terms. The money has already been transferred to Otbasy Bank. About 5,000 families will be credited with these funds.

According to the Concept of Development of housing and communal infrastructure until 2026 approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 23, 2022, a number of positive changes have been made to the terms of the program.

Now, along with large families and families raising children with disabilities, Kazakhstanis who are on the waiting list for housing in the categories of "orphans and children left without parental care" and "persons with disabilities of group I and II" will be able to participate in "Bakytty Otbasy". Representatives of new categories will be able to apply for participation in the Bakytty Otbasy program when the next competition is announced.

Another positive innovation is that there will be no income restrictions in the Bakytty Otbasy program. Previously, there was such a requirement that the income for each family member over the past six months should not exceed 3.1 times the subsistence minimum or 115,905 tenge. If, for example, the salary of the head of a large family exceeds the established norm by 200 tenge, then this family will not be able to apply for an affordable loan, which means it will not solve its housing issue.

Also, the Bakytty Otbasy program will not limit participants by the maximum loan amount. Earlier, depending on the region, it was from 10 to 15 million tenge. Now the loan amount will come from the cost of the apartment and is formed from the price for 1 sq.m of housing.

According to the adopted Concept, the following price parameters of 1 sq.m. of housing in finishing have been adopted:

  • no more than 290 thousand tenge in the cities of Astana, Almaty and their suburban areas;
  • no more than 240 thousand tenge in Atyrau and Mangistau regions
  • no more than 220 thousand tenge in Shymkent, Kostanay, Turkestan, Karaganda and Ulytau regions
  • no more than 200 thousand tenge in East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Abai regions
  • no more than 180 thousand tenge in Aktobe, Akmola, Almaty, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Zhetysu regions.

Social housing will correspond to 3-4 comfort class and the maximum area of the apartment will not exceed 80 square meters. meters.

Real estate should be purchased in the region where the borrower is in line for housing.

It is important that now under the program "Bakytty Otbasy" it will be possible to purchase only social credit housing built through local akimats. You can select it on the portal otbasybank.kz (the corresponding objects on the platform will appear in the near future). To choose housing and to wait for the delivery of such housing in the region (if there was no ready housing on the portal at the time of submitting the application), the program participant will be given time until the end of February 2023. Until then, the participant's application will be saved.

The loan rate for "Bakytty Otbasy" remains the same – 2% per annum, the minimum initial payment is 10%. The maximum loan term is up to 20 years. To get a loan, program participants will need to confirm their solvency.

Over the three years of the implementation of the Bakytty Otbasy program, more than 14,700 Kazakhstani families have already celebrated the housewarming.

The implementation of preferential credit housing in Kazakhstan, according to the Concept, will be continued under the program "2-10-20" (program "Bakytty Otbasy") and "5-10-20" ("Shanyrak" program).

According to the "5-10-20" program, all categories of citizens standing in line for housing in local akimats will be able to purchase housing. There will be no income restrictions. The main thing for the participants of the program is to confirm their solvency. It will be possible to purchase only social credit housing built through local akimats.

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