A New Office of the Housing Construction Savings Bank Has Been Opened in Nur-Sultan

A New Office of the Housing Construction Savings Bank Has Been Opened in Nur-Sultan

The Chairman of Baiterek Holding’s Management Board, Aidar Arifkhanov, has opened a new capital’s branch of the Housing Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan (HCSBK), a subsidiary of the Holding, which is located at 26 Koshkarbayev Street. Akim of the capital, Altai Kulginov, and the Head of the HCSBK, Lyazzat Ibragimova, have also took part.


- The Housing Construction Savings Bank is the people’s bank. This fact is proven by the figures. On average, 190 depositors purchase accommodation every day. Over the entire period of the HCSBK activities, more than 200 thousand Kazakhstanis have improved their living conditions. Currently, 1.5 million Kazakhstanis are saving up funds in the bank for the future housing, and their number is growing every day. Today, a new branch is being opened in the capital to be closer to the clients. Here, a full range of services will be provided to the depositors. The new building has a comfortable waiting room and a play area for children. The branch office is also equipped with everything necessary to serve clients with disabilities, - Aidar Arifkhanov noted.




It is worth emphasizing that the new office has a parking area, a cloakroom, a play room for kids, a lifting mechanism for people with disabilities, a tactile path for visually impaired clients. There are rooms for notaries, online services and the Government for Citizens located on the first floor. Clients will be served by 42 specialists.




In her turn, Lyazzat Ibragimova said that at present residents of Nur-Sultan are most actively using the system of housing construction savings and are saving up for future housing in the HCSBK. Currently, the bank has 208 thousand accounts of the capital’s residents. The total amount of their savings is 143 billion tenge. This year, 10 thousand citizens have already celebrated housewarming parties through the support of the Housing Construction Savings Bank.


It is should be noted that the HCSBK is successfully implementing not only its own programs, but also government programs. For instance, this year 700 large and single-parent families, as well as families raising children with disabilities, had an opportunity to be facilitated with soft loans at a rate of 2% per annum with a down payment of 10% under Baqytty Otbasy Program. Another 36 families of Nur-Sultan received affirmative decisions, and they are in search of their own accommodation. Today, the bank employees have organized a New Year celebration with a colorful performance and gifts for the program participants’ children.




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