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5,000 applications for subsidies have been approved online

5,000 applications for subsidies have been approved online
Over the past two years, the flow of electronic applications for state services to support entrepreneurship has increased 7.5 times.

According to the results in 2020, 96.7% of all applications for the instrument interest rate subsidies within the framework of the state program of support and development of business " Business Road Map 2025" came online in the Fund " Damu " , a subsidiary of the holding " Baiterek " .

For comparison, in 2019, only 678 projects, or 28% of the total, were approved on applications sent through the e-government portal. A similar indicator for the provision of guarantees in 2020 was 90.5%. At the same time over the past year the flow of applications to the Fund " Damu " to participate in business support programs increased by 1.3 times to 24,300 at the end of 2019 to 32.5 thousand projects at the end of 2020.

The provision of state services to support entrepreneurship in electronic format on made it possible to minimize physical contacts, and also ensured convenience and safety for entrepreneurs implementing business projects in remote regions. The process of considering and making a decision on the entrepreneur's application has become transparent thanks to the statuses received in the personal account on the e-government portal. Online service became especially relevant during the state of emergency and subsequent quarantine measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, when the financial development institution was able to quickly and efficiently serve all representatives of micro, small and medium-sized businesses without exception to receive timely government financial support.

Not only statements approval procedures have been translated by the Fund " Damu " in the electronic document. The initiative implemented in 2019 to sign subsidy agreements using electronic digital signature (EDS) means, made it possible to significantly simplify and accelerate the time for signing agreements by the parties to one business day. And the demand for the service of electronic signing of contracts has increased 10 times over the year, thus more than 11,000 contracts and additional agreements to subsidy contracts were signed using EDS.

With a maximum automation of all processes of the Fund "Damu" was not only able to cover the entire flow of applications, but also greatly accelerate the process of service applicants. Thus, the period for consideration of projects by the fund for subsidizing loans is no more than 5 days, while for projects for restructuring loan subsidies, the period for considering an application was reduced to 1 day.

In this case, the Fund "Damu" reduced administrative costs and optimize staff.

Earlier it was reported that in 2020 the Fund "Damu" provided support to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Kazakhstan with financial instruments projects worth 1.6 trillion tenge loans. Similar data was in 2019: the state development institution supported projects worth 612.0 billion tenge in loans. Thus, the “Damu” Fund increased the size of the loan portfolio of the provided support to MCSP by 2.6 times.

At the same time, 14,679 projects were subsidized for a total amount of 1,197.1 billion tenge. Including within the framework of the DCB 14,262 projects for a total amount of loans of 838.4 billion tenge, these figures also include support for the affected sectors of the economy - 8,454 projects for a total amount of loans of 426.8 billion tenge.

7,330 projects were guaranteed for a total amount of 275.2 billion tenge. Including within the framework of the DCB 6 782 projects for a total amount of loans of 214.8 billion tenge.

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