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Development Bank of Kazakhstan funds modernization of 5,000 km of highways


1.2 million people are the members of ZHSSBK system

1.2 million people are the members of ZHSSBK system

According to our subsidiary “Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan” JSC, the total amount of the citizens’ savings in the bank is 562.3 billion KZT. At the same time, 1.2 million people used the system of housing construction savings.

The system of housing construction savings allows the residents of the country to receive loans at a rate from 3.5 to 5% per annum. To do this, Kazakhstan people need to accumulate 50% of the housing cost for at least three years on their account in Zhilstroysberbank.

At the same time, the most “thrifty” Kazakhstan people live in Astana. Only 170,771 deposits in ZHSSBK belong to Astana citizens. The average amount of the account replenishment in ZHSSBK is 106 thousand KZT. The average loan amount is 10 million KZT. From the beginning of the year, the system of housing construction savings allowed 26,000 citizens to purchase housing, while 19,450 of them did it on the commercial market, and about 7,000 people received loans to buy apartments under “Nurly zher” program.

To purchase an apartment under “Nurly zher” program, it is required to be a client of Zhilstroysberbank and have at least 20% of the housing cost on the deposit. The loan rate is 5% per annum. All facilities under construction within the framework of “Nurly zher” program in the line of ZHSSBK can be found on the website

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