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Holding paid the seventh coupon on its bonds (KZ2C000000007052, BTRKb4)


On consummation of a deal that may be concluded in the future

On consummation of a deal that may be concluded in the future

JSC “Baiterek” NMH” concluded a credit agreement with subsidiary JSC “Damu” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” on the following main conditions: 
1) Credit amount is 100 (one hundred) billion tenge;
2) Credit period is 20 years till April 05, 2034; 
3) Remuneration fee is 0,15 % (zero point fifteen per cent) per year; 
4) Credit currency is tenge; 
5) Credit purpose is to place funds in the second tier banks through further crediting of the borrower for the investment of small and medium business in the manufacturing industry;
6) Payment of principal debt shall be at the end of the credit period; 
7) Remuneration payment. Date of the first remuneration payment is October 5, 2014. Further remuneration payment shall be every 6 months beginning from the date of the first payment provided for the subparagraph of this Agreement; 
8) Secured: unsecured;
9) Limitation (moratorium) for early repayment under the initiative the borrower is 20 (twenty) years since the date credit accommodation;
10) Date of decision on the Agreement conclusion is April 10, 2014 (Extract from the Decision of meeting in absentia of Board of Directors of JSC “Baiterek” NMH” No. 03/14).

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