Mortgage registration online for Otbasy Bank customers has become 50% cheaper

Mortgage registration online for Otbasy Bank customers has become 50% cheaper
Otbasy Bank (a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding) has prepared several additional bonuses for its customers who preferred to purchase housing using an online mortgage. In addition to saving time and ease of maintenance, users of the remote channel will now pay less in commissions.

From July 15, 2022, the consideration of a loan application for them will amount to 0 tenge. Cheaper online users will also cost a service for organizing the issuance of a loan. Its cost has been halved and now, instead of 0.5% of the loan amount, it is 0.25% of the loan amount.

- Now 2.3 million Kazakhstanis are saving up in Otbasy Bank for future housing. All of them are potential buyers in the real estate market. For their convenience and to save time, the bank has launched an online mortgage. With its help, you can buy a house or an apartment without leaving home, over a cup of tea, with your family. The advantages of such a service have already been appreciated by hundreds of Kazakhstanis. The bank helped them to buy housing for a total of 8.8 billion tenge. Now another plus will be added to the comfort and time saving - saving money. This is an important advantage for the family budget," said Lyazzat Ibragimova, Chairman of the Management Board of Otbasy Bank.

Online mortgage is available for bank customers who want to buy primary or secondary housing on the commercial market. To apply for a loan offline, you will have to come to the bank branch nine times. With an online mortgage, you only need to come to the bank twice – at the stage of signing the loan agreement.

When choosing remote loan servicing, Otbasy Bank's clients receive the support of a personal manager, a preliminary calculation of the loan and approval of the loan, information about the list of documents. Next, the client independently searches for real estate and evaluates it. When the assessment is ready, the video manager helps to issue a loan application and informs the client about its status. If the bank issues a positive decision, the operator helps to book a convenient time with a notary to conclude a purchase and sale transaction. The client's physical presence is already required there.

And only after that, the future borrower appears at the bank's branch for the first time to provide title documents, and then sign the loan agreement and repayment schedule.

Another advantage of online mortgages is that if the borrower's income is insufficient, co-borrowers can be connected to the video call, even if they are located in another city or country.

More information can be obtained here https://hcsbk.kz/ru/onlain-ipoteka /.

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