“Leaders of Competitive ability - National Champions” program

“Leaders of Competitive ability - National Champions” program

“We have long ago talked about the need to launch the “National Champions” initiative to support the companies-leaders of medium business. This is a very important task for us.

They will improve the economy and create a small business around. The packages of financial, methodological support measures and foreign experience should be developed for them.”

N.A. Nazarbayev          

About the program

The program "Leaders of Competitiveness"

National Champions" program was developed by order of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He gave this order in the 62nd step of the Nation's Plan entitled “100 Steps to Implement Five Institutional Reforms.”

The purpose of the program

The program is aimed at contributing to the creation of competitive, export-oriented and technologically advanced manufacturing industries.

The program implementation

From October to December 2018, Baiterek Holding accepted applications. During this period, the Holding was choosing from over 1000 manufacturing enterprises. In total, the Holding received 113 applications from 94 companies, which were considered in three stages. The key selection criteria were market potential, financial stability, sustainability of a company's business model, and technological effectiveness of an investment project.

By comprehensive diagnostics, the Holding selected 10 candidate companies working in mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food and light industries, and production of building materials. The enterprises are planned to be financed for 34.4 billion tenge.

Current situation

As of November 1, 2021, out of 10 selected companies:

  • 5 projects are financed for 10 billion tenge. All projects have been commissioned.
    These projects were provided with comprehensive support through the financial instruments of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, the Industrial Development Fund, the KazakhExport ESC, and the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund
  • 1 project is now being considered

  • 4 projects were suspended on the initiative of the applicants

Regulatory legal acts

  • Plan of the Nation "100 Concrete Steps to Implement Five Institutional Reforms"

  • Competitiveness Leaders - National Champions 2.0 Program

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