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The third stage of accepting applications for the Shanyrak program has been launched

The third stage of accepting applications for the Shanyrak program has been launched

The subsidiary organization of the Baiterek holding, Housing Construction Savings Bank, has launched the third acceptance of applications for the Shagyrak housing program. Applicants must be registered with akimats (LEB) as needing housing from 1986 to 2017 (now those on the waiting list for 2016-2017 can also participate).

To participate, you must have family income from labor and (or) entrepreneurial activity (excluding pension contributions, individual income tax and other mandatory contributions) for the last 6 months for each family member up to 3.1 times the subsistence minimum (32 668 tenge) per month. That is, the amount of income per family member in 2020 should not exceed 101,271 tenge.

Based on the results of the two stages, at the moment, 1,500 loan applications have been approved for a total amount of about 20.3 billion tenge.

For the implementation of the Shanyrak pilot project, it is planned to allocate 210 billion tenge from the funds of a subsidiary of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The first part of funds in the amount of 90 billion tenge has already been directed to the HCSB. Within the framework of this budget, it is planned to provide about 7-8 thousand Kazakh families with affordable housing.

To receive a loan at 5% per annum (GESV 5.2%), program participants must be on the waiting list of the akimat, have a minimum down payment of 10% of the loan amount on their account with Housing Construction Savings Bank. The loan term is up to 20 years.

Housing under this program can be purchased only on the primary market: loan housing by the local executive authorities, built under the project "5-10-20", as well as from private developers (including those who have a guarantee from the Housing Construction Guarantee Fund JSC). The list of construction companies from which you can buy an apartment under the Shakhyrak program can be downloaded on the website.

Applications for participation and assessment of solvency from the waiting list of akimats are accepted only through the website, both from clients of Housing Construction Savings Bank and from those who are not yet.

The application deadline is from October 14 to November 13, 2020.

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